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  1. Basketball players pretend they're hurt. Hockey players pretend they're not. Good series, but I don't understand how anyone could watch the NBA finals over the NHL finals.
  2. I could actually see this series going 7 games with every game going to OT
  3. Bruins in 6. Rask out plays Crawford and Jagr scores 3 goals in this series.
  4. I don't know about top 10 but Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" is definitely on my list.
  5. I think they have another 2 or 3 years with a team built around them before they need to trade them
  6. Roses are red Violets are violet Am I the only one Who isn't colorblind
  7. Playoffs just came up too quickly, usually we have more time to remember predictions =[ I know it doesn't count as much now but here's who I have advancing: East: Caps Bruins Pens Habs West: Sharks Ducks Hawks Blues
  8. Some great games last night, shame Quick had to gift the Blues the winner.
  9. Feels like a lifetime, doesn't it? There are few things from 8th grade that I can say I still do...But this place is one of them
  10. I have been on this forum for 8 years. I am 21 now.
  11. I think part of the epicness of winning a cup is that you endure one of the grittiest, challenging, and body crushing regular season sports has to offer for 82 games and THEN have to win all those 7 game series.
  12. Pulling for the Caps and the Islanders in the East now the Devils are done.
  13. Lawlz u so funny Vololololololololo
  14. Yeah, I think we might have to try and scrape in without him. With healthy Kovy and healthy Brodeur we started the season like 8-1-3.
  15. Devils are 2 points out and chasing the Islanders...Dude what. Come back Kovy =[
  16. I'm just happy someone in the league is giving Stamkos a run for his money for the RR
  17. I wonder if Ovechkin will beat Mike Milbury over the head with the Rocket Richard this year if he wins it
  18. He is prone to injury, doesn't mean all his injuries aren't freak accidents. Maybes he's freak accident prone. Either way he's missing games.
  19. Would be interesting to see him get some starts in the playoffs. If you couldn't call Crosby injury-prone before this season, you definitely can now. Broken jaw in yesterday's game.
  20. I'm hoping we see a new crop of teams in the playoffs this year. Wild, Columbus, Toronto, Islanders, Winnipeg,
  21. 7th iS struggling for Ovi, whether that makes him sound like a God or not
  22. New coach and a struggling "super" star doesn't add up to a playoff year for Washington, I don't think. It's interesting to see the Habs and the Leafs in the playoff picture...Hell, even the Islanders are knocking on the door
  23. I know it's a long shot, but can you imagine if the Rangers missed the playoffs and Columbus made it?
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