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  1. ......................................................................................................ok
  2. Devils are building a statue of Brodeur to put outside the Prudential Center.
  3. Enjoy Pete Deboer. He's a good coach, but has trust issues with young players. I would be a little scared for Hertl.
  4. Man the Devils are not going to be good this year. I like the idea of 3v3 ending games instead of the shootout, but I'd rather have ties. Doubt we'll ever see that format come back though.
  5. started a new skyrim game, really looking forward to picking up an Xbox One or PS4 when some decent RPGs come out. Till then it's been mainly Starcraft 2 and CS:GO.
  6. just doing my quad-yearly check in i suppose... graduated college in may + got a job in NYC + moved to brooklyn a few months ago. life is rad, hope you're all doing well too
  7. Signed a lease to my first apartment. feelz good man
  8. After graduating in May, I traveled for a bit (California + Vegas). Just accepted a job offer for a position in New York, so I'm waiting for my background check to (hopefully) clear and then I'll start sometime in mid-August. Pretty stoked. Also, I bought Fallout 3 because I've never gotten around to playing it, so that will probably take up what time I have left in Jersey.
  9. free agency was interesting this year. spezza in a Dallas jersey is gonna look weird.
  10. Krookie is all grown up! The experts all said an internet forum was a bad place to raise a child, but the Obsidianites did it. Now go conquer the world. Literally. Does this make anyone else feel old? Congrats Krook! Thanks guys. I think I joined in '05 which would have put me at 12 years old...hahaha that's hilarous to think about
  11. ^who said that about gaborik? i think you mean lundqvist!
  12. graduated from college in may.
  13. hahahahahahahaha lundqvist still doesn't have a ring
  14. lol no. i'll be at the outdoor game tomorrow at Yankee Stadium. Devils are benching Schneider =[
  15. too bad he couldn't even out play Brodeur in the ECF despite marty being over 40 and "washed up"
  16. king of what? certainly not the NHL record book because that would be Marty. also no rings for lundqvist still means he's garbage.
  17. "How quickly the forget hiow much they were slobbering over players. Weren't you the ones knight Kolvachuk as the best player ever a few seasons ago when he dragged your team's sorry behind to the Finals?" yes and kovlachuk is still a god and way better than jagr. jagr just has as many goals this season than kovalchuk did last year. i don't get you man, i just dont
  18. So Jagr has already equaled Kovalchuk's goal total from last season.
  19. Brodeur with a couple huge saves to preserve the one-goal lead and Jagr with a gamewinning breakaway goal. The kids still have it
  20. i dont get it. also i think the reduction in pad size is really hurting lundqvist
  21. Jeez the Rangers aren't looking to hot right now 9-2 and then 6-0? Wasn't their offense supposed to get better with Torts gone?
  22. So the Devils blew a 3-0 lead in the 3rd and lost 5-4 in the the shootout. Thank god Elias still has his game so that he could tie it up with a minute left to at least get us a point =[
  23. I'm alright with hockey players fighting, I'm not okay with "goons". Guys who can literally barely skate, like Cam Janssen, being put on the ice only to punch people in the face. If Ryane Clowe and David Clarkson (two skilled hockey players) want to drop the gloves when things get intense, fine, but eliminate these guys who make $500,000 a year to punch other guys who make $500,000 a year from the game.
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