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  1. I can't believe we're already in crunch time for the playoff race, although I guess it's really been a race to the finish since the season started. If you had told me there was a chance the Leafs and the Islanders were gonna make the playoffs over the Rags and the Flyers I'd have laughed at you
  2. 4th generation Yanks fan but it's gonna be hard to care about them once Mo, Jeter and Pettitte retire for good. Watching Posada go was hard enough =[
  3. so the blackhawks are still undefeated in regulation...whats the record?
  4. not sure if trolling or aspergers victim
  5. Semin is one of those ultra-talented players that just doesn't put up the numbers for whatever reason. Like Nick Zherdev. But I think the move will be good for him, he's definietely capable of a 90+ point season under the right conditions.
  6. So then he IS thriving under Torts? Hurricanes actually look pretty decent this year. 1 2 punch of the Staals down the middle coupled with a dangerous winger with each (Skinner/Semin) is pretty scary.
  7. Playing in Columbus is a handicap.
  8. what is your definition of fine...?
  9. tsk tsk volo stop acting like you enjoy hockey if you don't even do your research. i know you're bitter about the rags wasting their money on rick nash's 3 goals this season but calm down there http://espn.go.com/nhl/powerrankings/_/season/2013/week/1 espn http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nhl/news/20130109/nhl-preseason-power-rankings/ sports illustrated http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1476068-2013-nhl-power-rankings-by-conference-post-lockout-edition/page/13 bleacher report
  10. Devils, what are you doing? You aren't supposed to be at the top of the East. Everyone said you probably wouldn't even make the playoffs without Parise and with Brodeur picking out his coffin. David Clarkson might actually outscore Ilya Kovalchuk this season and that isn't a knock on Kovy...Clarkson has been absolutely unreal.
  11. Wow, Marty Brodeur really is too old to playing anymore. And the Devils won't ever replace Parise. They probably won't even make the playoffs this year. lolololololol now we're in first of the conference! Lou is a God.
  12. From what I've read, Isles only picked up Thomas because they needed to reach the cap minimum by today. Still, not an absolutely terrible move assuming he actually wants to play next year. Kor, I'm sorry because Andy Green made me it my words last night by scoring a PPG...He's got 6 points in 10 games so maybe be IS worth picking up, at least until this streak ends.
  13. So David Clarkson is showing that his 30 goal season wasn't a fluke. He's an UFA at the end of the year too..
  14. Most likely not. Like almost all of the Devils top 6 d-men, none of them do much in terms of statistics. He's a really solid player and he'll pick up a few points here but hasn't done much since his 37 point campaign a few years back.
  15. I said I had read it somewhere, and I'm not sure you know what the correct definition of "bragging" is. Oh and "ageless" doesn't actually mean someone doesn't have an age, I'll throw that one up to the huge language barrier between the US and Canada though
  16. christ you're annoying, no kidding no body is going 0-48 or putting up 149 points.
  17. I read something before that was like "Thornton and Marleau are on pace for 148 points a piece" I've always loved Marleau so I'm hoping he'll keep it up. In other news, Martin Broedeur is ageless.
  18. Devils 1-0. Flyers 0-2. Rangers 0-2. All is right in the world. Going to the Devils home opener against Philly on Tuesday, super stoked.
  19. I've noticed a bunch of strange nuances that come with the shortened schedule too. Devils play the Capitals twice in less than 24 hours, both games in Washington. And they don't go to MSG to play our Atlantic Division rival until the very last game of the year.
  20. As much as I would like to throw on my stone face and boycott the NHL this season, I already have tickets to the Devils home opener against the Flyers. Can't wait to watch hockey again, feels like ages and my team was actually in the Finals so I can't imagine how non-playoff teams felt.
  21. Hooray I have somewhere to post on Obsidian again! Can't wait for the season to start. Shame there won't be very many out of conference games, but I can't say the shortened season will hurt Brodeur and some of the older Devils (Elias, Sykora...)
  22. Why are gun killings our policy target? It should be homicide, or overall violent crime rate, and neither has been shown to be reduced by gun control. Gun related homicide is reduced with stricter gun laws. Gun related homicide is also largely responsible for mass killings. Do the math
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