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  1. And will Pumpkinhead be available on November 1st? And THIS! "Using store filters now only shows the appropriate items instead of graying out other items in the store panel." The graying out is very annoying. I'm glad to read that clicking the appropriate item will only display those items the merchant has to offer.
  2. Is there a [Class Build] here on the forum for a Barbarian like there is for that Monk?
  3. The Stronghold will not be given a retrofit, love, and care until White March 2. A number of minor quests and average adventures can be expected. Otherwise, work is being done to improve the implications of a Stronghold for POE2 and make it feel more lived-in, vs. the current app-like addition.
  4. Hail and well met, brave warrior @Stoner Perhaps you can find what you're looking for in this collection. Travel safe, and may you always find adventure, fortune and fame in your travels!
  5. Just patch out Twitter, Obsidian, and you're good to go! This is a great read about killing children in a video game, and another game developer's thoughts on it - “Well, I thought, that is an interesting little problem, isn’t it? Because I knew darn well that the game doesn’t care whether you kill them or whether you walk away. It didn’t matter, but I knew it would bring up a psychological image in your mind, an image that was in my mind — and any conflict you bring up in anybody’s mind is beneficial. It means a person has to think about it." Full Article Here
  6. Guys, guys, the next generation of players has its own grognards now! All of the squees, guys. All of the squees. Setting up good tactics requires skill and knowledge, it's not an easy thing to do. You need to completely understand the combat before you attempt to apply any type of tactics. I don't want the game to play itself, I want to setup my tactics and have my companions follow my orders during real time combat. It's the equivalent of planning a battle BEFORE going into battle, it's called strategy and planning. If I wanted to do everything manually, I'd go play starcraft 2 and spam the worker creation button every god damn 18 seconds. So, you don't understand the combat? Or you just don't have the skill and knowledge to do so yet?
  7. Uh. Really? Well, I can understand wanting to only adventure during the daytime, but the nights in Pillars of Eternity are certainly too bright, as are its underground dungeons and ruins. Everything is lit up, that even torches are useless.
  8. That picture made me laugh out loud. Do you sit on a toilet when playing? And which Ultima game is that Britannia map from, brave warrior Mungri?
  9. Perhaps BeamDog can do an Enhanced Edition and remove the loading screens, like they did with Baldur's Gate series.
  10. Hail and well met, brave warriors! I hope everyone is enjoying their time looking for adventure, fortune and fame in the Eastern Reach of Eora! I am curious as to the Big Big City 2, attained at $3.5 million. "Baldur's Gate and Athkatla are big cities. Spanning multiple large maps with a ton of interiors, characters and quests, big cities are a lot of fun. Like strongholds, they also take a lot of work to do well. We're going to have one big city in Project Eternity. Would you like two? If you take us on an exciting adventure to $3.5 Million, we will take you on an exciting adventure to another big city." Defiance Bay is Big Big City 1. Where can I find Big Big City 2? Travel safe, and may you continue to find adventure, fortune and fame!
  11. Hi xsubtownerx! I'm a fan of your Endless Legend Plays, and I'm happy to see you doing a Pillars of Eternity now as well. See you there!

  12. Hail and well met, brave warrior! May you always find adventure, fortune and fame in your travels!

  13. *leaps into the air, arms spread wide!* A shadow graces the ground, flickering slightly! *Gromnir is tackled with a giant HUG!* RAWR!!!!
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