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  1. I came to the forum to search about this quest as well, as I too, let him die and did not want to get involved in his affairs. Upon returning, Kahn rushes out of the tavern after learning there is no 5,000 coin to give her, and that's it. Side quest remains open for me too.
  2. Well for me she appeared after that cut-scene while you just leave the starting village, where you are summoned before the gods. Bummer she's not there for you, she is for me, but still only has sailor floaty-text above her head and nothing more when clicked on. Seems like we're all having our own issues with Vela, and like you, I hope they do get ironed out.
  3. Yes it is the glowing green one I got in the preorder package that says it is a sabre, one-handed.
  4. She spawns back after the cut-scene meeting you have while first leaving the starting village. She'll be in your cabin when you are sent back to your ship after the cut-scene meeting.
  5. I have two sabres, both show in the information screen as being Sabre, one-handed. The character can use both sabres without issue. Yet, one I can use a shield with, the other I cannot, yet both are sabre, one-handed.
  6. It looks like a leaping dwarf skeleton to me. o_O
  7. Maybe holding tab should reveal hyperlinks? Otherwise they should stay hidden, only showing up when player needs an explanation for some word :/ I feel the high-lighted word would be better as a toggle option, or as a bonus, have it be tied to one's Culture option for an imported Pillars of Eternity character or Deadfire created one. Would a character with The Living Lands or the White That Wends be able to know what "Bazzo" means? I'd rather see the high-lighted words appear based on regional knowledge. Being from the Deadfire Archipelago or Rauatai would clearly mean you understand that you're being called a ****. Would a Wood Elf as another example, know its meaning? Perhaps tie-in high-lighted words to appear based on a certain Lore value? Or by picking a particular Culture, you receive a bonus to know what's being said, and certain words become high-lighted based on that.
  8. While on a recent adventure rolling up a thief in Pillars of Eternity, I realized an option I would enjoy to see in Deadfire, are random names that can be generated based on your sub-race selection during character creation. Ocean Folk may have different sounding names compared to that of Meadow Folk, and so forth. I'm not sure if it's worth the time to put into, to have some 25 or so names available per race like in Neverwinter Nights series during character creation, but I always find such an option helps introduce me to how such a character of that race would be named within the world.
  9. Agreed on anyone who is going to stream the backer beta to post a link here. Oh and bonus points if you don't put a box around your head during the stream and cover up part of the game world like buddy did last night.
  10. So... he just reached the second island? Seems like this is going to be a very short voyage... That's exactly what I though. But basically it goes like this: First was the Island with the Balefire Beacon, established by default at the beginning of the Fulvano's Voyage campaing The first goal was Dunnage, which for some reason is on the same Island as the Balefire Beacon The second goal is the Drowned Barrows Island So yeah, second Island, but third thing overall. Why they put Dunnage on the same spot as the Beacon? Guess we will have to find out on our own. yeah and now it is sailing back to the first island where the ship will spot a ... lighthouse that was not spotted before!
  11. A fully functional land cannon for combat. Massive and slow loading and rate of fire, HUGE reward and damage on the field.
  12. lol. It has been a crazy ride, that's for sure but there are much more important questions that need discussing. Will the sex scenes be fade to black with some sound and music, a storyboard with pencil sketch and options based on our skills, or a cutscene?
  13. A cool idea, to offer negative or positive rewards in % during combat based on your relationship status. You have a strong bromance with Eder and you receive the Got Your Back while fighting next to Eder for a small defense bonus because he is mindful to shift his shield now and then toward you for protection between attacks. In the event Eder has negative thoughts to you, perhaps a shield bash goes wrong during battle and stuns you.
  14. Agreed! Playing a female and using the shout only to hear a man's "Rrrrraaaaaghhhhhh!" shout instead of a woman's "Heeeeeyyyiiiiiiieeeeeooohhhh!" is jarring.
  15. Do you have a final save game because I would love to start poe2 with the messed-up choices you made.
  16. 20 levels for main game? What will the two expansion packs bump it up to then? Experience may very well have to be less in this case to slow down the level gains so the end game isn't so easy like it was in p1.
  17. 1. Pillars of Eternity. 2. White March Part 1. 3. White March Part 2.
  18. Double the v.o. of POE? Double the v.o. of what POE2 currently has?! Double the fresh? Double the smooth? Double the pleasure with double mint gum?!?!?
  19. Josh will balance it nicely. Wouldn't be the least surprised if certain classes are unavailable depending on your base class.
  20. $500 - Name a Pet! Limited! 8 of 100 claimed. If this is all claimed, Obsidian is going to make 100 pets?!
  21. So is Eothas being in this massive 210 meter statue going to walk the land and leave a score of mortal offspring intended to be the fuel for his rebirth?
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