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  1. Ok, i got it fixed. I just used a save game editor and changed a the global for the Vulkar Base main door to "open". Then I just walzed in and took the part, and Carth acualy had lines for the part where Misiion would talk to the Vulkar Garage head boss guy. So, I cut out a lot of time, and can skip two of the most boring players in the game!
  2. Ok, I have never had a problem with KOTOR I, but this past week I reinstalled it to replay it, and I ran into a problem: When I try to get into the under city past the ass hole guard with the turrets, the screek half loads and goes blank. Any one ever had this? Thanks,
  3. Palpatine's great great great great great great great great great.......... || ...great great grandmother <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats good!
  4. Look, I truly think that Kreia is nothing more than an ex jedi historian with a great mind that just so happened to train Revan. Yeah she went to Malicor, but so did a lot of otheres.
  5. I think there will be a KOTOR 3. There is big money in successful pc games, and I think the LA would be even bigger morons not to tap into a already massive kotor project. KOTOR 3 may take years to develop and market, but we will see it sometime.
  6. I think for his trime, Revan was the most powerful Sith Lord of All. His strength was is knowlege of betrayal, sacrifice, gambles, and he possested a very clear head. This puts him above many fat headed sith wannabes that came before and after him. I think he was even more powerful than Exar Kun, because he was cooling calculating rather than a hot head.
  7. I love the game! I can sit there for hours! I have tried every possible combo you can get. LS/DS/GREY MALE, FEMALE, ass hole, Mr./Mrs. Nice guy/girl......... you get the picture.
  8. Revan is an awsome character. Not only does he look cool, he has depth that many characters lack. He was a man of great loyalty that saw a threat and reacted to it in the only way he could. He realized that a great, unified galaxy was nessassary to face the grave threat massing on the edges of known space. So he and his retarded apprentice Malak hunted down the star forge, and in doing so, fell to the dark side. But I think that even as a Sith Lord, even as he kill millions, he had a core of goodness that controled the darkness. He knew what he was doing. And when the Jedi council (Boy, they remind me of the U.N!) reacted to him, they could not see what he saw. So they messed up his plans. After the events of KOTOR I, he continued, this time as the LS, and refused to take along any friends or his love, so he could face the threat down himself.
  9. Uh, ok, if you are just lost, us the cheat "revealmap" (ask if you don't know how to get cheats). This will show you the entire map. The portals are just prooving grounds where you kick ass and get xp. You really just want to follow it until you get to the top of the map. The level is symetrical, so at the very top there is a door. You will meet a certain someone who really likes to sleep with vibroblades.
  10. So anotherwords, you really don't have to worry about it. Just get your charisma up to 13-14 and you will see really no difference in force reduction.
  11. I stink at putting in links, so I will post the first here. As I said, I'm trying to get into collage and I am several weeks behind in school, so I have very few chances to write. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Journey of Revan Chapter I My name is Revan. I am a collage of light and dark, for my history is twisted and evil. I hardly know who or what I am anymore. I have been so many things: jedi, sith, jedi again, soldier, adventurer, and lover. My life has taken many paths that lead me to this one. Life is but a bitter sweet memory for me. I live in a shell, the remains of a once proud man. A ship tore through the star cluster at blinding speed. Battered and worn, the ship was an old Czerca Star Traveler 500 light freighter. At the controls sat an enigma of a man, his dark eyes scanning the controls for signs of trouble. This kind of travel was dangerous, jumping blind into an unknown star system, but was necessary giving the fact that there were no known charts of the area. Nebulas, planets and asteroid fields washed by in a blinding blue and white tunnel, and then retracted to reveal a solitary system. The ship reverted to real space, and began to scan the area. After confirming the lack of living presence, the ship laid a course towards the nearest planet in the system and entered its atmosphere. Dodging mountain ranges and storms, the ship finally settled down on an obscure landing pad in a cloud of dust kicked up by the repulsocoils. In the ****pit, the man turned slightly and spoke to his dark companion who stood in the shadows.
  12. What? No one's interested? I know it took a long time, but come on! Lets not be women here and give the silent treatment!
  13. Yeah, I lost quite a few brain cells, not to mention my school grades suffered, but I got to 47 in about 10 months.
  14. Yeah, as STD said, the Red Eclips does not trigger the rest of the level. [COLOR=gray]Try killing the thugs in the cornor room that are buying spice from the Twillik. Their exchange. Oh, kill the exchange boss in the refuge section. That will really cause h e l l.[/COLOR]
  15. I use it 'cause it's there, and at the start you need all the help you can get. Yeah, its a little weak, and if I can make echani sheilds then I trash it and wear two of those.
  16. I don't think it was worth the price it sold at, but I do think it was worth a good hundred play throughs... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you have played it 100 times then most likely the price you paid for it was a bargain. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have played it through 47 times. I still get something out of it. I will play it one night, then I will not touch it for weeks. So I get something out of it.
  17. Was KOTOR II really worth the cost it took to develop the game, market it, and sell it? I mean, come on! The game is barely complete and they still sold it! If you are going to sell someting, then why don't you finish it! I work for my self, and if you are going to do a job, and you want to keep on doing it, then you do it well! Just a thought.
  18. Hey, Here is part of chapter II of my Revan aftermath story. I have not written on it in a long time because I'm trying to get into a good collage. Half a galaxy away, a speeder came to rest on a elevated platform on the world of Coresant. On board was a jedi, and a famous one at that. Bastila Shan was known for her part in the destruction of the dread sith lord Revan and the demise of his apprentice. Or so every one thought. And no one would recognize the famed jedi in her present state. Dressed in torn clothes more suited to a migrant worker than a member of the prestigious Jedi Order, Bastila was here for a purpose other than being on the holo news and meeting cheering crowds. She doubted that she would have received such a warm welcome any way.
  19. Look, all I think Kreia is is an old, but still proud ex-jedi historian that so happened to train Revan. Yes she manipulates, yes she lies, yes she has a deadly agenda, but I don't think she is much more than that.
  20. Yeah, I used a save game editor to get it once, and I has still laughing an hour later! It was a riot! If there was ever a time where HK-47 wanted to cuss and swear it would be now!
  21. My favorite Revan male name is Keiran Halcyon, and my fav exile male name that I made up is Jace Endina.
  22. The way I see it is as this: It's rare. Anakin married and had kids because he was older when he was trained. He was already attracted to a certain sexy goddess named Padme. He was not steared away from this in time. The handmaiden's mother was a jedi. She must have done it for some reason. Her father could not have wiped her mind because he was not a general.
  23. I loved the hissis DS trick on Korriban. I also liked scandalizing the Handmaiden with my bad behavior! And I liked gunning people down!
  24. I almost always go Dantooine (for saber), Koriban, Nar Shadda, Duxn, Onderon.
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