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  1. Aedyr interests me because it seems like a culture where they're willing to explore it's multiracial nature, and the consequences of the differing lifespans, for example. Though generally I feel that a big problem with making the cultures more interesting than the races is that the main two cultures in the game are pretty uninteresting. Dyrwood is just bland, while the Glanfathans mostly just seem like your surly barbarian types.
  2. I'd rather look at variable costs than variable rewards. Dropping down to 3 in a statshould give like 2-4 points rather than 7
  3. My Paladin's aura was bugged to affect the whole party. It seemed rather better that way
  4. Fampyr is stupid. I don't have a problem with the place names, though.
  5. I don't find crafting especially necessary, but it can be handy to add a property or two to a found item, or to allow you to use a weapon or armour type that hasn't dropped anything up to scratch. As crafting systems go I find it fairly tolerable, though it's certainly not needed.
  6. Voltaire, no? "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him"
  7. I think the message is way more muddled than that (and not in a good way). I also don't think that's the sort of thing Obsidian would do, regardless of their personal beliefs. Their stories tend to be more nuanced than just "atheism = good, religion = bad." Much like how it's not that simple in real life. Really now? Gods do not exist. Man creates Gods. *badumtss* Gods Eat Man Woman inherits the earth
  8. The text with the choice of gender in character creation makes it seem like most "adventurers" in Eora probably are male. Or more precisely, it seems like male adventurers would be more common in Dyrwood, Aedyr and the Vaillian republics, while female adventurers would only be more common in Naasitaq.
  9. I wouldn't have wanted to spend more time in Twin Elms. "Barbarian" stereotype land is boring.
  10. I liked my two handed paladin off tank as a supplement to Eder, at least for open environments. Probably not optimal, but it worked on hard.
  11. I got the bad animancy ending. Maybe because my character still reckoned the guy in charge of the inmates in the sanitarium was kind of reckless
  12. I do agree that the resurrected Raedric quest is rather bad. Particularly since there's no reason you couldn't just go kill him after you're done with the main quest, rather than putting everything on hold to traipse back for that one fight.
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