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  1. I'm feeling the same way after my party got to Dyford crossing... all the fighting seem rather pointless due to lack of exp, I just hope the same mobs stop appearing. Walk 20 seconds and a mob of beetles appear, walk another 10 second and a mob of wolves appear.
  2. Speaking of companions having no reasons to join you, it reminds me of BG1 banter before the first village may have the party fighting in a riot. We (the two evil characters whose name I cannot remember, nor their reasons of joining)just joined you and walked for 3 minutes, then have enough of you so let's fight out...
  3. There is a circle under chanter's portrait that shows a number from 0~3. You need to fullfill 3 to cast an invocation. (not sure at higher level, probably still require 3 phrases, which means the earlier invocations especially the summon ones would render useless I guess)
  4. I just hope the stronghold isn't tied to main quest but as an optional side quest so we can get to defiance bridge without acquiring it. Acquiring keep feels kinda unnecessarily in the main quest. How did the side quest character (peregund?) pass the river anyway?
  5. Most games lack replayability due to the fact you've to pass through the same prologue again and again. (toee is better at this regard since it at least has 9 different beginnings) The first time you may still feel refreshed and empowered due to knowing how environment react to you, but the second time and onward it becomes a grind. You simply cannot replicate the "first time feel" especially when the game focus on adventure and story. It's like in candlekeep when you realize no matter what you choose the assassin attacks you aka the choice of illusion or no matter what you do Iowen getts kidnapped once out of Irecnius dungeon, there is no point doing anything no more due to the fact they're railroaded (despite having "opinions"). POE also has the main quest blocking the adventure aspect like how the brigand blocks the bridge in Arcanum which makes the game feel more railroaded and restricted. Personally I play poe as a linear adventure path and enjoy what it is. Doubt would restart a new game soon though.
  6. Are there any crpgs that allow player to reroll the main character(s) to start from where they fall? The only one I can remember is Lunatic dawn...
  7. I've got the same problem as well. Aloth cannot use scrolls in his quickslot.
  8. Chanter because I love summoning things and it's the only class that get to summon minions.
  9. Isn't there a spell in D&D that allows you to teleport to a safe place in different plane to rest? Replace camp with that spell (scroll) and everything would make much more sense. "Consuming" spell scroll also feels more logical than consuming a whole camp per use. You don't even need to change the ingame content, just the text fluff. Maybe wait for a mod to change the icon and text or something.
  10. POE color theme doesn't seem grey to me. When talking about grey color theme (or rather, brown) I would be thinking games like the fall last days of gaia.
  11. I sort of understand what you mean. It's similar to the notation that an adventure game is no longer an adventure once you beat it for the first time, since on the 2nd playthrough you've known most if not all mechanics in the game If your character could outrun the bear chasing and escape from the cave / fake death / some npc save you but throw you into prison/ etc., it would be more rpgish than watcher died and now reload. You cannot just reroll a character and start from where you die like tabletop does neither. Think crpg as a storytelling choose your own adventure game rather than rpg.
  12. I hope we can at least export existing characters in order to import them when hiring customized characters at inn.
  13. I just hope there is a switch to turn off auto attack for single character (or does the system already have it?). My main character (chanter) always ran into enemies attacking when supposed to run around filling chants for invocation, while summoned phantoms stop attacking after enemies teleport around.
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