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  1. Cool, I was wandering when the free-man was going to get avote :cool:
  2. (w00t) That looks SO cool! Great work PS. welcome to the boards :D
  3. ppl might come to suspect that you are looking at 'adult' sites instead of working (no offence intended) Aimo, the art is great
  4. Now Alyx is winning. :cool: I never expected father grigori to do so well.
  5. What has happened to this topic??? I come back to find Kaftan apparently flirting with Silver, and making sexist comments while he he's at it? WTF is all this height business anyway?
  6. None of my friends are regular game players, we talk about everything else but games.
  7. Between 8 to 12 hrs. Depends on a number of factors: What is on TV, whether or not I have an assignment due that I left to the last minute. That sort of thing.
  8. LS then DS. I think DS would be much more fun if there was actually an opportunity to join the sith, with a ship of sithy companions,kill jedi, work your way up the ranks and eventually become sith lord
  9. Yeah, apprentices should ACT like apprentices. There was no "master?", or "be indful of your feelings my padawan", type stuff And I was really disappointed that Revan didn't get to have a master after becoming a padawan, not mention there wasn't enough time for any jedi trial stuff or at least being told by that masters that she had raised in rank and become a jedi knight.
  10. Not to mention that Neanderthals had larger brains than any human, elephants and other animals larger than humans have larger skulls. Anyway, we are off topic. I threw the can at the guy who told me pick it up, then I ran away Looks like father grigori has won. :cool:
  11. They lied, they manipulated and they brainwashed Rev to do their bidding. Rev was indoctrinated into their service. Personally I find it unethical.
  12. Revan: beat up mandalorians, jedi, republic (i think?), sith, malak and bastila. All round kicker of bottoms. :D [spoilerS] Exile: Revan's general, kriea's puppet, atris's bait, councils scapegoat and gotto's 'pet' jedi. [spoilerS]
  13. I haven't ever gotten drunk so far, and I don't have a car yet so I use public transport.
  14. To me the issue isn't that they gave Revan a new identity and let him\her live, it is that they used him\her for their own goals.
  15. Very nice stuff, very professional. :cool: Have you done art classes?
  16. You might like to consider turning DS, if for nothing else than a change in underwear.
  17. No doubt you probably are. An under 18 and can't drink & drive. [Edit] Err, I meant drink OR drive.
  18. My first playthrough, I redeemed her by killing her. Second time I redeemed her though. :D
  19. First name: Revan Middle name: The Last name: Jedi/Sith Or alternatively, Revan was an orphan and doesn't know his/her surname.
  20. Whoa cool! :D I wonder what he would say to a male exile though
  21. Why is there a wall in the middle of a field? I didn't know they even had chocolate in the Star wars universe.
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