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  1. Wanna know how to extract them?
  2. Does anyone know a program where i can put flash files like this Flash Animation and lots of them, and make it into a screen saver? Cheers
  3. Thats because you WANT to lose brain cells.
  4. What feature of KOTOR 2 are you most proud of?
  5. Will party members move aroun d the Ebon Hawk, instead of just standing there?
  6. Yeh the site really give the game a new shine. Fable looks like amature work really compared to it. I hope its a classic in the making.
  7. Yeh i guess no. Hmm. If the PC users force crush woundlt blood start comin out of their mouth, nose and ears?
  8. For example, laser knives can make cuts that do not bleed. http://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/phys_agents/lasers.html Yeh ok. You got me
  9. Hold the phone. How would you know how a lightsaber works if a) They dont exist
  10. So the rating would have kept the vilonce down. Like in return of the jedi when the gate crushed the rancor blood would HAVE been spilt. But here was none.
  11. Opus131 why does religion need to die? A man walked was walking with a Priest and said "Religion is useless. Look at all the worlds problems. It has solved nothing" The priest didnt reply but kept on walking. They came across a poor man, who was dirty as had not washed for days. The priest got out a bar of soap and said to the man "To the athiest, religion is like a of soup. It tastes sour and discusting when eaten, but it is not being used corretly. It is for washing so that we may be clean." He gave the soap to the poor man. "In the same way if religion was applied properly, as it was meant to bethere would be no troubles. Instead our human pride has caused us to look beyond the problem, in which we are to blame, and to blame something else."
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