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  1. IMO just becasuse the devs have developed the story differntly, the game shounds better. You got to admit the KOTOR story while nice was abit typical. Anything differnet is good.
  2. But the truth is your actions are NEVER fully responsible for "Determining the fate of the Galaxy". Focusing all on the PC gives the false impression that there descisions are the be all and end all.
  3. It also shows that you are not the only one that influeces your party, but other party members as well.
  4. But who ahve to admit KOTOR was rather shallow in term of character development. Its sound mroe interesting. Why is it all about the PC anyway?
  5. PC version will be a true indication of KOTOR 2 since all the technical issues should be a problem eg loading times.
  6. Hey, you kids. Let Lucasarts decide. Petions influence nobody.
  7. Source is new, perfect for facial expressions which is vital for the KOTOR series. I wanna see the hate/praise not jsut hear it.
  8. I would recommend the Geforce 6600 GT series. Dirst cheap at amazing performance for price.
  9. Its like trying to get ATI and Nvidia to work together. Its not going to work
  10. Ive been hearing various comments. Can the people that have played it give me in DOT POINT what KOTOR 2 falls of.
  11. This is a spolier. Delete the post and put it where its ment to be.
  12. Could those who have played the game post their opinions so hopefully this can be adressed in the future versions coming out and possibily for an Xbox live patch. Cheers
  13. As a Christian, I find this thread questionable in its purpose and wonder just why it was started.
  14. KOTOR 2 once has the boring facial animations were all they do is tilt their heads. Should kotor 3 use source? It would cut down on alot of time of making a new engine altogether.
  15. The point is that KOTOR 3 needs to use a new engine. Maybe source?
  16. Well yeh as the devs said the issues would be fixed. Loading was pretty much instant on my PC.
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