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  1. Lightsabers cauterize wounds. Not true. How come on Hoth when Han Solo cut the tantaun open its guts ect were still all fresh and not burnt.
  2. Well, dark energy also affects those around them. So if you one badass Sith Lord they will constanyl be around the dark side of the force, and this get the makeover.
  3. I for one am happy. Now the full extend of your actions will be released. I dont want full decapitaion and blood baths, but some blood would add abit more release and heart into the game.
  4. When those circles come up click on them a question will then come up. Answer it right, and eirhter your light or darkside bar grows. When you have enough on one site you unlock pics.
  5. Well maybe not. All yuor doing is changing the colour on them. That inno way would affect movemnt.
  6. It might jsut be for a 'cool effect' or we have a multi weopened jedi here.
  7. OK this is how. Load up the page and play the animations. Then go to tools (in internet explorer), internet options, settings and then view files. You can also get the music this way to.
  8. The man himself. Thanks Adam. So what can happen in hyperspace? Party civil war?
  9. Hmm. Maybe give em more 'amour' be cool if you could choose colour and patterns.
  10. Are you sure? You never saw ANY hyperspace in KOTOR. If any one ahs played xwing alliance, you will know what its like.
  11. For he first part, and knowing quite abit on Blackholes, (I did a thesis) nothing can go faster than the speed of light. So therefore a black hole sucks up everything. A ship can stop itself (in theory) as it comes from a internal source. The only way a external source could stop the ship if there was a obect in the way in which the ship would be destroyed or if a ship could simulate the gravity of a black hole, which if it did that would suck it self in.
  12. Um. Dont wanna bring physics into this. But the only way to be stopped wen in hyperspace if there is ablack hole near by.
  13. Yeh. Take a long time on the xbox. PC have much more memory resources at the option to able to turn it on and off on the PC would be nice to.
  14. You can seem to be able to travel around your ship when in hyperspace, unlike teh first one. Why?
  15. The pics are getting better and better.
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