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  1. Arrrr. System Admin. PLease make this right. Anyway you readers get the picture. So until this gets fixed. Fire away.
  2. I think that IGN claiming the development of KOTOR 2 by Obsidian was no mistake or rumor. I think that someone in Lucasarts or Obsidian could have started the whole rumor. Why? To increase the hype. Once information that the game could possibly be made, and the news goes around increases gamers attention, and after a few months of this 'rumor' going around Lucasarts announce the game at the peak of it hype. Anyway that
  3. Does anyone know if this game will be revealed at E3? When is E3 anyway?
  4. Just thought i make a topic where us gamers could discuss how KOTOR 2 should be improved over KOTOR. 1) Way Bigger worlds -So big trasports are nessacary. (Like having to pay a taxi service) 2) More portraits - At least 30 3)Double the time it takes to finish the game Cheers
  5. Should KOTOR 2 have mulipalyer. KOTOR was the first RGP that i have fully finished. So is muliplayer really nessacry for an RGP?
  6. i hope that KOTOR 2 is longer and there are more charcter portraits to choose from.
  7. I just wanted to know what u need to make games? Smart, good at maths? Please make a cheaklist type thing. Cheers
  8. How can they? This game will at LEAST be so same type of fu as KOTOR. I think were in for a very nice surprise.
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