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  1. Well. Thats abit of a slap in the face for Xbox users if what IGN and gamespy says is true. Two months more for a much smoother ride is defiently worth it.
  2. -First few hours (double digits if with side quests) you run like hell. -You will feel hopelessly defenseless, the twist far exceeds the
  3. Ok people got the full review. Dont have time to type out stuff but what exactly can i type with out getting in trouble? Be back soon.
  4. Prob cos playing it on the xbox took the fun out of it.
  5. Hope theres a 'screw you all ending I want nothing do do with anything'.
  6. These added features should add much more depth.
  7. The devs have said that there will be quite afew to choose from.
  8. Nice work. The game is under a month away. We should know then.
  9. The xbox graphics look poor. I think its just the video.
  10. NO demo. The demo for NWN sucked and was pointless. RPG isnt the demo type game, unlike FPS.
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