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  1. I can get the 6800 GT for $389 US and the 6600GT for $229.99 US. Hmmm
  2. Still when i bought my Geforce Ti 4200 I was able to skip a whole generationg (The FX and what ATI had was quite dissapointing) and I want to be able to skip the next generation too. Maybe getting the 6800 GT is the best way to go.
  3. Just how many people have just had enough with the poor game quality?
  4. How bout that new format. Blue ray or something.
  5. So is the Halo and Half lfie series also a cash cow. Well then. They better not to any more fallout games as they are 'cash cows'
  6. I ricken its much better than queing up moves. You feel so distant.
  7. Have you played The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay ?
  8. Obviously it would have the same great storyline ect. Imagine it being like the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. So instead of just the leveling up with more moves, you can 'feel' the difference as your character moves faster and learns new moves and fighting techniques. So?
  9. Most people are getting the impression that 'KOTOR 2 is not good enoguh to buy but good enough to download (illegally))
  10. I also want the story to be fleshed out and explanied right.
  11. I just dont get why they would release the game with so many bugs. The bad publicity will effect sales.
  12. Some people will just get a pirated copy as they believe a game wiht heaps of bugs is unexceptable. Unforutmatly lucasarts seem to forget that their move will cost them as piratcy with the game will go up.
  13. Show your support for a extended release date by voting. Also the Xboxs who already have the game could look forward to a 2nd edition.
  14. The point is it wouldnt heard if a Developers cut with the features i mentioned was realease in the middle of the year say. I would wait that long.
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