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  1. If they will be a K3 its highly doubtful that player takes control of Revan. Revan should be a main character, of course, but (s)he will just have a couple of appearences ... just like Sion. Dressed in a robe with mask so that every gender is possible cause Revan's got no official gender. The main question of the game : Is Revan LS or DS? Answer : It will be answered at the end of the game depending on the players choices and actions. Why? Revan is watching and testing the player through the whole game while the player (maybe the Exile) is searching Revan. The player char will have much to sacrifice to finally find Revan .... to answer a last question: Is the republic worth to survive? Or should the true sith return to destroy the jedi? LS = Revan joins you to destroy the true sith in a final battle DS = Revan joins you to get the leadership over the true sith
  2. Yeah Revan has to be DS to get the undamaged holocron. My PC was DS and it was still damaged cause i choose Revan to be LS .....
  3. :D :D :D Thank you very much .... i will NEVER be able to play the game again without remember this scene
  4. I almost sold the game at eBay after my first playthrough. But then i read about the restoration project and now i am counting the days to its release. Whatever, i have time enough to play KotOR 1 again now and to remember the good old days .... *sigh* :'(
  5. Write down the exact address of the patch displayed in the autoupdater log. Type in the add into your Browser window so you can download the patch direct to your harddrive. Put the .zip (do not unpack) into your kotor 2 main folder, close internet connection and run the updater again! This should help with ANY version of the game ...
  6. Thank you very much for the fixes ... it's clear that you (and the rest of the team) spend much time on the restoration and the various mods & fixes. I am (as many other gamer too) very grateful to all that work!!
  7. i had some problems too (never touched the .exe) with the german patch. Well, i loaded the patch right from the ftp (got the correct name from autoinstall) as a zip. Maybe the errors occured because of my spywareblocker - anti virus was disabled. With the autoinstaller the zip file was always deleted when it reached 100% ... error occured?! And yes, it's the german patch - i don't know why Obsidian & LA saying :other languages soon ....
  8. I just can't wait to see the Star Wars fans who saying: "This movie ***** like EP1 and 2" while watching EP3 the 3rd time. :D "
  9. I am an AAO fan too but who cares what they are thinking about the games? Sorry, no flame, only my opinion.
  10. LA will produce KOtOR 3 ... there is no doubt! It's only a question when it will be. Maybe it will be released in 2007. Maybe 2010. Who knows? But it will happen ... remember my words (in 3 - 15 years :D )
  11. Great Update, it left me with the wish to see more ... just unlike the ending of the game itself The download area is a good addition to the content of the page. Thanks for the bugfixes!!
  12. The second level is the HK factory itself .... they won't restore the droid planet cause there is not much to restore.
  13. you need to download the missing modules for pc version (search google) use the warp cheat to beam into the areas. you can find the whereami armband here you need some extra files created by ....umm .... darth333 (if i remember correct) to unlock the doors with it. I don't know where i found the DL source, sorry.
  14. No way. I already paid for a complete game. It isn't. It has to be a masterpiece to get me buying a LA product again.
  15. KotOR 1 >> 7 times KotOR 2 >> 1 1/2 time (the last time until restoration mod is available)
  16. Get the PC version 1 - XBox version is stuttering (FPS) too much, i played it on a friends Xbox. 2 - Restoration Mod >> there is a lot of stuff been cut out of the game. The mod will restore it.
  17. OMG I can not ... :D ...stop .... laughing .... (w00t) This is a masterpiece !!!!
  18. It's funny when people just make things up. Here is what Bioware said today on the subject: Looks like some sites (including ign reporters) are telling bull****. Don't blame me. I said that i don't know any details. "
  19. OK here's what i read at several sites .... a developer from Bioware talked too much. He said how proud Bio is about Jade Empire and he also said he is looking forward to the PC release in summer/autumn 05. Don't know if there will be a PC port of the game or not but it would be nice!
  20. Well, Nihilus is not a proof of originality either.
  21. Invisible rabbit was the guy who posted before me. I REALLY don't know why my post took so much space ... it wasn't a silly joke like "look - you see nothing because there is an invisible rabbit! HA HA"
  22. When there is enough time to make an update. It's fine if there will be one this WE, if not .... no problem. I am grateful to them anyway.
  23. Bioware invested a lot of money into Jade Empire so a conversion would make sense. Resident Evil 4 was Gamecube exclusive too .... now they are working on a PS2 conversion. Why? The costs of development were too high for just releasing it on only one system. XBox is a good console but it is not a very common system (like PS2).
  24. I know but thanx for the info! I just believe the movie/music patches are for real when i see them with my own eyes. "
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