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  1. Yo, i missed some kind of explanation too. Maybe its a hole in the plot?! You need enough influence on him which means you have to be DS. Thats the problem of the influence system IMO. There should be another way .... You could use the Savegame Editor to gain influence on him and still playing LS.
  2. Lets hope that most of these bugs will be fixed by the patch - if they ever release it. But its highly doubtful the patch will restore any cutted content. If you want some of the content back into game and better music take a look at the Restoration Team Page.
  3. [sarcasm] No budget = no work ?! OMG, looks like the Restoration Team is sponsored by LA ... thats why LA denied Obsidian the permission to add any content! (w00t) [/sarcasm]
  4. Thanx for the quick answer Razorfish!! Thats a good decision. IMO the best way to do it. The Banter isn't that much important anyway. I am sure there is already enough work to do. I am sure it will be fantastic ... with or without Bao Dur. At least you are trying to do something about the cut content. That's everything that counts to me!!!
  5. Maybe they really fix up the music quality but i dont think they care about the quality of the movies. Too bad ... it might looks good on TV (XBox) but on PC screen ... nah!
  6. A couple of questions .... HK Factory Will it be required to play the HK Factory Quest to finish the game? Or is it something like a bonus quest? I would prefer the first opinion in relation with the storyline (G0T0 and remote at Malachor V) Ravager Will the Banter "Visas talks to Mandalore" be restored? Malachor V Will there be any conclusion of what happened to Bao Dur? THX for restoring all the stuff!!!
  7. Yeah, looks like youre right. Too bad that the bik movies are in such a bad quality ....
  8. I think its indeed the giant firaxa we meet in KotOR 1 .... Maybe the droids (or their master) were originally supposed to collect some strange creatures all over the galaxies?!
  9. I am stil waiting to see the REAL K2 ending. Lets hope the Restoration mod will be as good as it looks like. KotOR3?! It has to be a masterpiece to get me buying a LA product again .....
  10. There is a module in the Modules-Folder named "853NIH"(i think a lot of people already know ). I tried to access this area with the warp cheat and - W00t - its nothing more than the cutscene where Nihilus send Visas to search the Exile. (same here, a lot of people already know, right?) BUT ... instead of the cutscene which is shown while playing the game the "853NIH" cutscene is in ingame graphics. It looks much better than the ugly .bik movies IMO. My question : Is there someone who could make a simple mod that replaces the .bik cutscene with the ingame cutscene? if its not too much work .... I know it sounds dumb but i HATE this pixel movies :angry: P.S. i am sorry for my horrible english
  11. You should buy KotOR 1 because - its completed including different (real) endings - its cheap cause its an older game - KotOR2 is based on the KotOR 1 story - its a better game with more atmosphere (IMO!!)
  12. It sounds fantastic! what a difference between the original and the remastered files! (w00t) This is what a SW soundtrack should sound like!! GOOD WORK
  13. Okay okay, like i already said : Maybe it was not a good thought to power up Nihilus - it was just a idea. And it was not a good idea to start up a "I want this and i want that" discussion too sorry about it ... Its really out of focus so lets stop talking about it. Okay? <_<
  14. The Game is done .... I think everyone (including the people who like the actual ending) would have been waiting 2 or 3 months more to get a better game but thats not the way it happened. Obsidian tried their best imo. I am looking forward now - lets see what the TSL Restoration Team can restore. And the XBox User? Bad luck ....
  15. I am still playing Baldurs Gate 2, its brilliant. But its a different Experience than KotOR. Same thing with Morrowind 3 or Sacred ... all Games are different - there is nothing else like KotOR. But if you choose BG (i recommend the Black Isle Collection 2) get youself prepared for a graphics shock. Good old RPG Style. By the way - here is a list of BG2 mods you should install IMHO Banter Packs V6 NPC Flirt 101 Unfinished Business 13 Weimar Ease of Use 30 Shadowkeeper if ToB AddOn is installed Kelsey NPC v21 - Kelsey TOB v22 Tashia 205f Weimer Solaufein Mod v101 Weimer Valen v43 Do not forget to install the latest patch!
  16. Thats a good point .... you might be right. Looks like its part of the story. By the way .... i read the in-game dialogue but i still think the fight is too easy because even General Tobin was more challenging. But every player has his own opinion about it. Right? :D
  17. Hey Aurora, it's a nice idea to reactivate the unused Nihilus confrontation chat cranches but ... maybe, just maybe it would be also a good idea to make the fight against him more challenging ... if its possible?! A much more harder fight would give the "sacrifice visas" option more sense imho because there is no need to sacrifice her in a fight which is that easy! errrr.... please excuse my poor english :">
  18. About that language/translation thing .... i would be glad to help you guys out with a german translation .... most of the cutted soundsamples are translated (what a waste of money) but the subtitles have to be translated. *translated translated translated lol* Interested?
  19. I will definitely start a new game when the mod is available, even if its not a requirement. I only have beaten the game for 1 time so far cause of the annoying ending. But it seems the mod will give some more sense to the choices the player makes in the game (different endings ect.) I can't wait to reinstall the game - the "COMPLETED" game
  20. OMG hope this is not some kind of a bad joke I made an acc at this forums just to tell you guys : THANXXXX!!!!! :D The stuff looks great and i cant wait to play the result!! But its sad that the consumers have to finish the game they bought.... Keep on the good work!!!
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