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  1. I read that some bioware programmer told an ign reporter about a pc convertion. There are several other sites where such rumours are spreading. I found sites where jade empire is listed as a pc game available on summer 2005.
  2. I just read that jade empire *possibly* will be released for PC on summer/autumn. THAT would be great! (w00t)
  3. i am just wondering why my last post is taking so much space?????
  4. I just looove your amazing avatar 6 foot invisible rabbit
  5. I was disappointed too in case of the area size. But, come on .... it wasn't that bad afterall. The atmosphere in the "hidden" tomb was very intense imo.
  6. Yeah the KotOR 1 soundtrack rocks!!! :cool: K2 is good too, but in a poor quality unfortunalty.
  7. .... and then aunt kreia appears - straight from the depths of
  8. Just a post to tell the restoration team .... - there is still much interest in your project - keep on the good work
  9. I am sick of this XBox vs PC discussions ... we're all just gamers and every system has it advantages/disadvantages.
  10. Evil Bastila (rise and fall of a hero) and Lord Revan together against Malak. That was the greatest Moment of the KotOR series IMO.
  11. Ooops here is the correct link (hope so) " Restoration Project
  12. There are a lot of plotholes, especially at the end of the game. Somebody said the cut stuff was an alternative end ... but its just rushed imo. But at least there is hope - take a look at the restoration project
  13. Well, the german readme contains something like: ".... from the dead corpse of vash ....."
  14. Well, thanx for the info. I will give it a try ..... wait .... (w00t) german patch is available!! NICE
  15. Well, it's not a "hardcore-uber-you are my son-like" spoiler. But it should be posted at the spoiler forum, yeah!
  16. There will be definitely a KotOR 3 because its a valuable trademark. The only question is : When its gonna happen? In 2 years? In 4 years? Maybe in 6 years? Lets see if there will be something announced at the e3.
  17. Check your PM folder ... if you still need a savegame.
  18. *lol* i can't wait to see the jedi master Drizzt and Darth Irenicus ....
  19. I agree. Aurora and the restoration team are spending their free time just to do us a favour. We should give them all the time they need and be grateful. By the way .... no one wants a totally bugged hk factory just because they are getting stressed by questions like : "When it will be released? Come on, please hurry up!!!!"
  20. Well thank you VERY MUCH for this perfect explanation - perfect because even i undertood it Some english text lines don't bother me - btw looks like i will do a german translation of the stuff when its released. I am going to relax now for a while .... THANX again for the reply and the whole work on the restoration!!
  21. Too much AD&D-like IMHO I would prefer a dark world .... with red skies & large mountains. Should be raining all the time (thunder) - a ruined world where the scum of the universe lives.
  22. You should try the hardcore mod .... i did not used it but i heard it's a good way to make the game more difficult. you can get it from starwarsknights.com
  23. Update this weekend would be great!! But there is one thing that keps me busy .... i have no clue about modding so please don't flame me if i am writing/asking something foolish. There is a great difference between the US version of K2 and the EU version of K2 : the dialogue files (because of the translation). The restoration mod is based on the US dialogue files (of course) and i am afraid that there will be some incompatibilties (?!) with some of the EU versions of the game (like french, german etc). Why? The basis (= dialogue files) of some parts of the mod is different with each version of the game. No misunderstanding : I don't want the restoration team to change or modify the mod to make it compatible - i just want to hear a opinion of a exp. modder. Will there be a high/medium/low risk that the mod doesn't works with the eu versions? No guarantees, of course .... Greetings - Illbleed P.S. >>Dreamcast 4eVeR<< P.S.S. >>Rest.Team ThaNx<<
  24. Razorfish Yes, there will be an injured Atton (nicknamed "mutilated Atton"), as well as his arm... Other than that, there may (or may not...undecided atm) be supplemental placeables for a specific scene we're working on. We're not going to focus much on adding new models, aside from what is necessary. I've been told that most custom models are not compatible with the XBox version of the game, so we may also have to resolve that issue down the road. Wow, a "mutilated Atton" .... that's more than i expected. Maybe the good game will be a fantastic game someday = restoration-release-day
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