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  1. Yeah, but don't forget: there is a whole team working on the restoration mod. Aurora is the instigator, sure, but i am thankful to all of them!!
  2. It's fine as long as Lord Nihilus will not be renamed to Lord Dashus
  3. OMG please don't start a nvidia vs ati discussion .....
  4. There is a lot of comical value in the crap you spew too. I agree, they tried their best and its a good game. But a lot of people do care about the bugs cause they are not able to play the game without crashes every XX minutes. I do not have much problems with bugs but i understand that a lot of people are angry about it.
  5. It is a waste of time, sadly, but some people just want to get rid of their anger about the game issues. Why not? I am looking forward now ....
  6. LA Guy 1 : There are some strange people who want us to allow a content patch for KotOR 2 ... LA Guy 2 : KotOR 2??? Never heard of it ... LA Guy 3 : It's a game we have released already. LA Guy 2 : I can't remember. LA Guy 1 : What about that content stuff now??? Shall we give a permission?! LA Guy 2 & 3 : Mhuahahaha
  7. Thanx again. I will try it out as soon as possible!! The cutscenes are great.... i am just not satisfied with the image quality.
  8. LETS ALL PRAISE LA AND OBSIDIAN!!! THEY DID NOT FINISHED THE GAME BUT IT ROCKS!!!! AND ALL THOSE NICE BUGS ... FOR FREE!!! Its a good game, of course, but it left a lot of people with a WTF?!-feeling. If you are happy with it, fine ..... i am waiting for the restoration mods. A friend of mine is waiting for the patch cause he can not play the game without tons of crashes. By the way, K2 is the first game that crashed his pc ....
  9. That's the truth. There will be no content restoration by the patch - everything else is wishful thinking. We have to set our faith to the restoration team! There is another team working on M4_78 right now. Take a look at pcgamemods
  10. Don't blame me ... i used the spoiler tag for a good reason "
  11. OMG thank you very much !!!! Don't know if it works (yet) but i never thought someone would really spend some time working on this ....
  12. Yeah, its the frame buffer effects option. Some cards are supporting this effects but doesn't show all the eyecandy. Don't know why ... maybe it's DX9 related?!
  13. All you need is the permission from LA. Hmm... KotOR 3 as a low budget production .... I am afraid they give you the OK cause low costs = more money to make!! Isn't that the LA philosophy?? :ph34r:
  14. Well, the ending was disappointing ..... but it could have been much better. What about your mates? You travel with them through the whole galaxy and they don't appear at malachor?? (okay, some of them do, but in a way that don't satisfy) Lets hope the restoration team makes the game "complete" soon. Different endings (sacrifices and betrayals) and some more conclusion would be a nice thing .... and i am looking forward to the cutted nihilus-conversation choices that will be reactivated. G0T0 destroyed by HK 47 .... THAT would/will be a nice cutscene!!! I hate G0T0 ...
  15. Wait till they release the patch (if this ever happens) so you don't have all the work done for nothing. But if the patch don't increases the music quality you should do it! It sounds well.
  16. Yeah, the influence system could have been made better. But the story is nice imo .... sure, you dont get all the aspects of the plot when beating the game for the first time but that increases the replay value. Unfortunaly the end of the game DOES NOT increase the replay value .....
  17. Bioware - good choice, they know how to make a good rpg Obsidian - same here, but they need ENOUGH TIME (damn you LA) Lucas Arts - bad joke hu? Blizzard - Irritated Statement : Do they know how to make an rpg in kotor style? I don't think so. Other - Errr .... no! Square Enix - *LOL*
  18. Obsidian wasted the good idea of the influence system imo. Turning your mates into jedis is nice but it would have been cool if the level of influence the pc has with the individuelly characters results into different endings. Something like : LS characters turning against the exile when influence is too low . But we all know why this not happened..... only 13 months of development!
  19. LOL I play the game with exactly that resolution but the game crashes if i change the movie res to 1024 - 768 too ..... but anyway, its worth a try!!!!
  20. Good news. The progress of the restoration mod is more exciting then the informations about the game development itself was. :D
  21. At least the slogan of the game gets true .... This time your choices affect everyone around you
  22. Answer : As far as i know they are planning to add some different endings including deathscenes of partymembers. Restoring Content with the G0T0 cutscenes was mentioned too if i remember correctly.
  23. You need this FILE to upgrade the armband. With the upgraded armband you will be able to open any locked door in the game. Just use it in front of the door. The upgrade is made by someone named Darth333 .... if i remember exactly.
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