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  1. I'm guessing that the best way to experience the story and see the romantic growth is to go Hunter, Warrior, Alchemist, and Concubine.
  2. It's funny that so many people seem to think the Prince is modeled after Dante. I agree that they drew inspiration from another source for the Prince, but I think it's from another medium. The Prince reminds me of Jubei Kibigami from the anime Ninja Scroll. Heck, the Warrior reminds me of the rock-guy, the Hunter reminds me of the bee-guy, and the Concubine reminds me of Benisato. Even the story was reminiscent to me. My wife noticed it, as well. Granted, I'm a fan of Ninja Scroll, so I wasn't that bothered by it. Re: combat. Yes, it definitely could have used more enemies. Keep the arena style in camera angle, but add some more enemies. It did tend to get boring, and there wasn't always enough of it IMO. What order did those of you who beat the game take vis a vis bosses? I did the Warrior first, followed by the Alchemist, the Concubine, and the Hunter.
  3. I agree with Calax that the game's story and character development suffers some from having a hub design, and would add that the conversations between the Prince and Elika are totally optional also causes the story to suffer, and makes some later plot points more complicated. The game does seem to keep track somewhat of how often you talk to Elika, in that early options were no longer available to me after a certain point, and I do believe that I exhausted all the dialogue options. Man, I have to say, though, that the last fight was something else. I think it's perhaps the most impressive BBEG fight I've seen in a video game, console or computer. Very, very nice, worth the price of admission IMO. My wife enjoyed the game, but she was a bit upset by the ending (she likes to watch me play games). She still liked the ending, and understood why to a certain extent, but there's still one element that caught her by surprise. I understood why they did that one element, and look forward to seeing what happens next.
  4. Well, I should clarify that I wasn't expecting much story. In fact, I bought the game with a huge amount of trepidation, as I feared that the Prince would continue with the unlikeable protagonists and horrible storytelling of Assassin's Creed. I needn't have worried. The Prince is likeable. He isn't the same dashing rogue of Sands of Time. If anything, he reminds me of Sinbad from the old movies, rather than the Aladdin of SoT. He's much less a thiefy time and more an agile swordsman. He has a history that so far has just been hinted at, including adventures on the seas. Elika also is well-developed, though again I don't know everything about her. There is a story to the game, but the details are only available if you talk to Elika. On the PS3, you have to press L2 to talk. There's a ton of information that you can learn from Elika by talking, like some of her past, the details of the various Corrupted, the histories of the areas of the city, etc. What's great about it, though, is that it isn't simple exposition; the writers do a great job of having the personality quirks of the Prince and Elika come through even in short conversations. There's a lot of detail put into the mythology of the game. I was quite surprised by that. That said, I'm not far into the game. I've only beaten the first four areas (which is where you encounter the four bosses for the first time), but I think I've used all the dialog options given to me thus far. I can't keep my finger off of L2, though; I love making the Prince crack wise about something, especially in combat.
  5. Yes, I had some extra dialogs with my fighter who worshipped Torm, some Kelemvor stuff from my cleric before she became a doomguide, and my moon elf jumped all over another character because of that character's choice of deity. It's really interesting what all you can find.
  6. Got it last night. Yes, you don't die. When you should, Elika picks you up and takes you to the last safe place you were at (read: checkpoint). Mechanically, you do die, but the presentation is of Elika saving you. I believe this was done for two reasons: First, it keeps the action flowing, and Ubisoft has always portrayed the Prince (who, in this case, is not nobility; Prince of Persia is just a nickname for him) as moving effortlessly from one fancy jump to the next. Second, it reinforces Elika's presence, as the player comes to rely upon her more and thus feel some affection for her character. The controls are really tight. I mean, "do not press jump unless you want to jump right now" tight. This has caused me to "die" a lot, as I'm too used to having to mash jump buttons ahead of time and then hold them down forever to get where I'm going. Right now the game is difficult because I'm so used to compensating for crappy controls. To give an example of what I'm talking about, in Little Big Planet there's a level in the Islands where you have to cross various rotating wheels. You have to press R1 to hold on to a wheel, which is instaneous, but when you let go of R1 to get up to jump, it takes you about two seconds for your Sackboy to stand up so that you can jump to the next wheel. PoP is not like that at all. I press X, I jump right then. This is definitely going to take some getting used to. The game is absolutely gorgeous, and I don't know why so many reviewers complained about the Prince's personality. I think he's hilarious, not acerbic or unlikeable. My wife loves the Prince, too. The most important thing to me, though, is whether or not the game is fun. So far, I'm having a blast with it, and definitely see a lot of replay value in it (something that I didn't really find in Sands of Time).
  7. I forgot to mention this cool little party dialog bit that I ran into last week: There's this cold iron mine that has been taken over by some company that won't trade with anyone. Turns out the company is a bunch of ogres. When you enter the mine, you're confronted by a couple of disguised oni. I don't know what happens normally, but my ranger, who had Favored Enemy: Giant, said, "Hmm, you smell like giant", and the ogre mages were shocked, transformed, and the battle was on. It was a great little addition to the system IMO.
  8. I'd love to see TORN reworked (the original story was spoiled in Desslock's post-mortem) and released. More original stuff from Obsidian, less licensed products.
  9. LOL, yeah, I can, but I'm being lazy They're cohorts, not PCs or companions, so I am extremely reluctant to give them any gear or waste enchantments on them. Of course, all this is coming from the guy who hoards spells and single-use items to the extent that he rarely uses them. In any game with Vancian spell-casting, my spell-slingers spend more time slinging than they do with spells. I'm terrified to use resources only to find out that I'll need them later in the game (you should see how many potions I end up with; I think when I finished SoZ this evening my leader had three pages full of potions that I had picked up, and I hadn't used a single one).
  10. Finch, the bard who needs a pass to Neverwinter, will be in the cohort room of the Merchant Headquarters in Crossroad Keep after some point. I don't know what triggers his appearance, but I noticed him after I had trading posts in all the towns. He was level 10 when I got him. That put me up to all 11 cohorts. Speaking of cohorts, I rather wish their gear leveled up with them. Some, like Grykk (my favorite of the cohorts) have +2 gear when you meet them. Others, like Inshula and the other Samarach cohorts, only have +1 gear. Would be nice if, like in NWN1, their equipment got better with them Starwars, thanks. That helped, and I was able to find it. The Easter Egg was great, too, and I thought the quest's name was a great Easter Egg, too (even if it wasn't produced by BIS/OE).
  11. Has anyone found where the bards from Crossroad Keep went after they stole Khelgar's gauntlets? I've been all over the place looking for them, and haven't found them anywhere. Also, I noticed a cave above the Onyx Cave and a Foreign Temple above New Leaf, but I can't find any way to get to them. Anyone figured that out?
  12. Haven't finished yet. Grykk's found in the inn in Neverwinter. There's an aasimar thief/shadow thief in the Temple of Waukeen in Neverwinter. The mercenary in Samarach, is that the ranger? If so, I've found her. In the Underdark Market, if you kill all the illithids (tough fight, but doable at level 9 or 10 if you prepare ahead of time) you can find a deep gnome wizard named Chyr Darkfire. There's a quest in a city to the southeast of Crossroad Keep (the city's on the road) to open up a cold iron mine. I assume that's the one that lets you get cold iron for upgrades.
  13. PS3: Little Big Planet and the Sega Mega Sonic Collection + with my girls (which is interesting...) PC: Storm of Zehir, which is the most fun that I've had with a D&D CRPG since the IE games.
  14. No, not the only one. I'm level 10, and I have the urge to restart with a party called "The Underdwellers", consisting of a drow fighter, gray orc cleric, duergar rogue, and svirfnelbin wizard. I'm fighting the urge right now, though, because I want to actually see more of the game than just the first major area.
  15. Volo's VA is superb. There was one dialog in the very beginning where a couple of characters in my party (those with a certain type of alignment) had a response that caused Volo to laugh before he had to interrupt himself and act dignified that I thought was particularly well-done.
  16. This is from my experience with NWN2 via Direct2Drive and MotB via Atari, since I can't access how my Zehir is doing at home right now. Re: Atari, basically, you get a file that you can use anytime, and activate via a code. If you're not connected to the internet when you're activating the game for the first time, you need another code they send you by email. IIRC, this only applies the first time you launch the game. Apparently, the rest of the time, it just behaves like the regular version, only you don't need a disk in your drive. Re: redownloading your file somewhere down the line, you only have 30 days to download and redownload it. If you pay a few bucks, you can extent it to 2 yrs. Non-issue if you make a back-up DVD with the file and code. Re: D2D, IIRC this is a bit more restrictive. NWN2 only allowed me to install in one computer at a time. I forget about how often you can redownload, but you can just back-up the file anyway. Also, you need a special D2D patch, whereas I think Atari's only needs the regular patch. D2D and Atari are compatible. I can't check with a retail copy. However, when I installed NWN2 in a second computer, it wouldn't let me play because I already installed it on another copy. After applying the Atari MotB, it ran fine. I think the latest xpac overrules the previous. Sure you'd need the Zehir disk if you bought it retail, it makes sense (but can't confirm) that you won't need any disk if you use a DD version of Zehir. From comparing D2D and Atari, I'd recommend the Atari one. In case that was confusing: you only need the file and code. And I *think* you don't need a dvd in as long as your latest xpac is DD (the one for which the disk would need to be inserted if it were retail) Thanks, Llyranor! The local Wal-Mart doesn't have it yet, and the local Gamestop does have it but isn't putting it up until later in the week, so the digital distribution option (or a 3 hour round trip) are my only options to get it within the next couple of days.
  17. Questions on the digital downloads: What happens if you reimage your computer? Does the digital download version let you get an actual executable that you can launch at any time, so that if you do reimage, you only need run that executable and have the serial number handy? Finally, do all three components have to be DD in order to avoid the DVD check (which is EXTREMELY annoying)? I didn't see answers to these in the Atari DD instructions.
  18. I did, I just forgot to put it in "natural" as a qualifier to geography. As in, the weird placement of deserts, forests, swamps, mountains, etc. Tale was referring to the political landscape more than the natural landscape. That was for Gorgon Ah, gotcha
  19. I did, I just forgot to put it in "natural" as a qualifier to geography. As in, the weird placement of deserts, forests, swamps, mountains, etc. Tale was referring to the political landscape more than the natural landscape.
  20. Yep, that's it. Geography also doesn't make a lick of sense. One of the reasons that I'm not a fan of FR.
  21. I just want Michael to pick up one of and have the game show the consequences of it
  22. I know how you feel. I've never been much for porn (of any stripe; just doesn't strike my fancy), but Anna Nicole Smith represented sexy women to me, and she's the only Playboy Playmate during my lifetime that I had any interest in.
  23. I'm aiming at getting a 1911. Was standard-issue for the armed services and THE best handgun for over 60 years. Nothing says, "Don't even think about it" like a .45.
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