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  1. The problem is that that breaks widescreen support, since the widescreen resolutions only work in 16:9 mode.
  2. The lack of save on quit is a really odd choice. They've basically gated survival features behind the save game mess.
  3. I believe you are seeing the extreme forced chromatic aberration that they've put into place. There's no way to turn it off. I turned the screen fx setting down to medium and that disabled it.
  4. I see the same thing. I think it's how they're doing the texture streaming.
  5. It doesn't look like Supernova does a save-on-quit? This seems like quite a bizarre oversight. Especially since game features (light survival mode) are tied to no-quick-saving.
  6. Please for the love of god, add a way to turn this off. It's a terrible "look". Eyes are not lenses.
  7. Wait, did you really just complain that the fights aren't hard, but state you... didn't play the game on Hard difficulty? Why would you expect the game to be 'Hard' if you don't select 'Hard' difficulty?
  8. Did... amplified thrust just break? It's suddenly doing no damage, and when you click on the line in the combat dialog, the tool tip for the calculation shows up blank. Edit: Yes, it looks like amplified thrust has broken completely. It was not broken with any of the previous betas. Edit: Now I just don't know. Seems like it's working normally sometime. I'll see if I can figure this out.
  9. This with 1.04: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75974-cant-exit-combat/?hl=simoc
  10. b4 appears to fix the gul vomit perma health issue. My tank paladin's health just dropped 300 pts, and looks much more proportional.
  11. Outstanding. I will check tomorrow.
  12. It appears to almost always miss. It's an absolute waste compared to other abilities.
  13. Thanks for sending this - appreciate it. I've sent this along to QA and they can verify all of these are still open. We'll see what we can do for 1.05. Thank you! The perma-health increase is particularly bad, and should have been fixed with the other permanent stat increases in 1.03. Can you please try to address it in 1.04?
  14. oh crap, I think I hit this too. I assumed that something (event?) was supposed to happen a later time to close down the quest for me. Crap. I'm like five hours on.
  15. The bug which increases Health after fighting Guls really really really needs to be fixed, and fixed retroactively. My tanky characters will see a permanent boost of 100+ health every time they fight Guls. It's getting silly.
  16. I think we're waiting for Obsidian at this point. It's lame they missed this when they fixed the other stat bugs.
  17. I'll second this. If that disables achievements, you can always grab the mod here which allows you change stats and not disable achievements. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/? Thanks for the reminder -- yet, I'm using IE Mod. I'm not sure whether this Console attribute modifiers would normally invalidate Steam achievements or not. Regardless, I change all my companions stats to match their new values in about 10 minutes. So, if this is important to you, you can do this.
  18. For folks that are concerned about the companion stats aren't retroactive, why not just use the command line to update the stats to patch the new official stats (I think it': AttributeScore charname attribute value)
  19. If they're not going to get the final patch out tomorrow, it would be most excellent if they could make use of the Steam 'beta' update functionality to get it out for brave souls a bit early.
  20. Check your companion stats. The stat stacking bug can be subtle. I only noticed it in my game because blonde fighter guy was tanking entire encounters without getting hit.
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