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  1. ha, nice. Seems like obsidian has bigger fish (bugs) to fry right now anyway.
  2. Hmmm... it looks like my Main (fighter) isn't getting the +25 Deflection bonus for being a fighter. That's unfortunate. He goes down very quickly in combat. edit -- nah that's not it. Eder might be getting it twice?
  3. I can't count for exactly 25 points of Eders 81 point deflection in my game. My other fighter has a 41; 15 points of that difference is due to talents Eder has. His deflection is so high that if he can fight mobs one at a time, he can basically tank for ever after the entire rest of my party is dead. (hard)
  4. That's exactly what I'm seeing -- thank you for the explanation. I think I like this mechanic.
  5. Not super serious, but still a bit annoying. Basically, a custom formation with five doesn't appear to work correctly. If you make a formation like this: a b c x y You end up with this: a c x b y The middle front rank guy ends up in the back.
  6. Damn shame, hope they integrate it. Agreed. It's a very odd oversight in this day and age. I'm almost certain that the BG engine supported it.
  7. When in Stealth mode, characters walk in step with each other. When in regular movement mode, they don't. It's a little odd. Seems like they shouldn't walk in step with each other?
  8. Does POE not support surround sound? I am only getting three active channels (front).
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