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  1. Here's the thing.I finished the game on hard so now restarted on PotD in order to play White march part 1. When i complete Part 1 of the expansion i need to wait until part 2 comes out because if i do get to act 4 again then i will need to revert back to an old save again anyway to access part 2 of the expansion content. It's a strange design decision.
  2. Can anyone explain why, after i killed the reincarnated demon raedric i lost major reputation with gilded vale? I think this needs to be explained better before or during the quest.
  3. Debateable, i dont think so personally.BGEE was released a year prior which may explain the higher sales.
  4. Thing is, the game was actually cheaper elsewhere.Steam may only make up around 60% of sales.
  5. Maybe, but InXile are still going back to kickstarter for the new bards tale game even after the big success of wasteland 2.Nothing is stopping obsidian doing the same.
  6. Also another : The murderer achievement states "Complete the game, killing more than 1200 NPCs/enemies" but i got this achievement midway through act 2.Shouldn't you need to complete the game before getting this achievement? need clarification.
  7. Try aggroing a minimal number of flesh folems i.e. only the ones you immediately fight with, and the one in the hallway. This was after killing azo btw.Is the hostility on the ground floor from killing azo, or from killing a bugged flesh golem?
  8. Yes, ran into it.Also have ran into a few blue "lootable" boxes that were not lootable.
  9. Same here. I could understand Azos assistant being hostile but he was stiill neutral.Makes no sense then for everyone on the ground floor to be hostile.
  10. Is anyone else having an issue buying items from vendors? cannot scroll down on the sellers scrollbar it keeps scrolling back up automatically.Only since patch.
  11. Lets start with the absolute basics in regards to clarity.Character sprites need to be on top/in front of background, when travelling through dense trees make some of the foliage transparent.
  12. Don't see how people can support XP for lockpicking and trap disarm but oppose XP for actually killing enemies.Bizarre.Really gimps any unique playthroughs you might want to do IE with no rogue.
  13. As someone who bought Baldurs gate "enhanced" edition as soon as it was released and suffered a game breaking bug (Disappearing NPC that made it impossible to progress further) i suggest delaying the game until it is done.I don't see this being finished by December, personally i think March 2015 is more likely.
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