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  1. I've received no notice of anything. I am really glad I got a digital copy with my boxed copy. At least I am playing. Anyone in the US get their stuff?
  2. I have a war bow in one weapon load out slot and a sword and shield in the other. Not sure if it really helps, but seems more logical when surrounded by baddies.
  3. Eothos temple was hard! I'd suggest leaving, getting Durance and then returning. I also think 2 fighters is an absolute minimum. Don't be afraid to back away and come back when stronger (leveled up, better gear, etc.) . Also study the monsters and potion options. A nice cipher-wizard combo is Mind Wave from the cipher timed to the wizard arc of fire. I have only got the timing correct once, but it was a thing of beauty when it hit. Lots of great advice in Gallenger's response
  4. I went with a Cipher. Super fun and easier to use than other 'magic user' classes. If you are struggling (i.e. dieing a lot) consider hiring some level 1 fighters. Cheap and really help out in the beginning. I have hired two. I suggest putting enough points into Mechanics to reach level 5 so you can handle traps and locks.
  5. Great Job Everyone! This game is really exceeding my hopes and expectations for it (and kicking my butt too!). Really enjoying the story so far. Obsidian and Kickstarter are showing how great games should be made from now on. Alright back to having Shades kill me in like 2 hits. Cheers!
  6. I was wondering if I had a glitch. It does seem like 2.1 only. Also, in some conversations I have voice over for part of the text, but not all - is that normal too? I will get an intro voice over and then a final, but nothing in the middle. I wasn't expecting any, so now I wonder if it is buggy. Loving the game though!
  7. I am trying out a Cipher and using ranged combat to start. Been getting snuffed like a cheap cigar. Just added a sword and shield when the baddies get close - we'll see how that goes tonight. Need to get better with the controls too - killed several allies with friendly fire. Enjoying the game and the graphical style!
  8. I am going with Steam because the DRM free boxed copy I bought in August won't ship for who knows how long and I can't wait any longer. Steam is a good service, but I live in the country and have a s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-w download rate.
  9. Of all the things I'd like to have access to early - it would be the strat guide. Oh well. At least it will download faster than the game. 25 minutes, 27 seconds until preload is complete! Can't wait to truly agonize over what type of character to create Have fun everyone! Cheers
  10. I know it is too late now (game is out in 7 days), but I think they missed the boat entirely on the Rangers companion - it ought to be a bird/bat/flying creature that can scout and do some single damage hit. Think Mordecai's Bloodwing in Borderlands 1. It could do other cool things like listen in on conversations. I also wish companions could be called when needed. I really don't want to walk around with a Lion. Cheers
  11. Played Dragon Age Inquisition when it came out and then Metro Last Light. Have been taking a break from gaming for a little while. Want to feel fresh and ready to go deep with PofE. Just read R. Scott Bakker's "The Darkness that comes before". Good stuff. Will start the second book as soon as it arrives.
  12. Will probably go with Human Ranger from the Living Lands, Explorer background. Explorer fits my style both in game and in real world. Haven't decided on ethnic group or name. Cheers
  13. I want to make a character who is Ted from Bill and Ted's excellent adventure "Whoa! I am Ted of San Dimas and I bring you a message of love" Sorry, couldn't help it. I normally create very detailed back story for my characters, but am stuck on which class to go with. Lots of great creations on this page though. Cheers
  14. I am a completionist and easily distracted by the shiny penny of side quests, so I expect I will be on the longer side of these hour guesses. Plus, I spend huge amounts of time buying/selling/sorting and crafting gear typically. May not be so true when I can't see the characters in such detail like in Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc., I expect to easily break 100 hours if I like the game.
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