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  1. I appreciate all the comments from everyone. Cipher and monk were two classes I was intrigued by just by browsing the class list. I just have two questions. 1. I see that many people suggest dual wielding weapons on a monk because there's no way to enchant a monks fist or gloves. Is a 2h monk viable? Like a quarterstaff monk of some sort? 2. What is a good weapon combo for a ranged cipher? I see a lot of people suggest blunderbuss for the soul whip focus gain. Would the second weapon slot be a melee weapon or a quicker ranged weapon like a war bow?
  2. Hey all, I've been suffering from a tough bout of re-rolling now characters since I got this game. I just want to progress and get in the story! I have noticed that I have grown soft and rusty when it comes to playing infinity engine style games. I need a class that will help me get the grasp of the system while progressing through the game. I would also like to play a class that is not too passive, I usually get bored fast if I'm not too involved with my PC. I typically run melee classes, but have no qualms about casters either. Any advice would be much appreciated! I also plan on hovering ar
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