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  1. I found this bug in the ruins, soon I enter appears the message about a cultist attacking a boar companion, needed to cross almost all area to find the problematic enemy to kill and finally be able to leave combat
  2. Found the same issue, all my party got stuck at that location (except the ranger's animal companion)
  3. Same happened here, main character was a ranger and I hired a female moon godlike chanter. Also my animal companion (lion) get stuck at the inn door, but unstucked when I managed to enter another building
  4. About the surveys, in the OOoE option, we need to enter only the title, or the full name and the title? And my KS badge don't appeared yet too
  5. A fantasy book by Neal Hallford (the writer of Betrayal at Krondor and Dungeon Siege): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nealhallford/the-thief-of-dreams-from-the-writer-of-betrayal-at
  6. $200K (50%) achieved and update #2: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/larianstudios/divinity-original-sin/posts/441170
  7. Divinity: Original Sin, Larian's new RPG, is turn-based and with a mod editor Battle Worlds: Kronos, turn-based strategy XING: The Land Beyond, a Myst-like game, they're already in the final days
  8. Wildman, Gas Powered Games new project Fortis Rex, RPG with army management and mounted combat Inherit the Earth 2, sequel for Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb Freedom Planet, platform/action Sonic-style
  9. Some projects: Antharion: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/879484120/antharion-an-old-school-rpg, isometric RPG Legends of Dawn: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/522716131/legends-of-dawn, isometric RPG Predestination: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nyphur/predestination-a-turn-based-space-4x-strategy-game, estrategy 4X Limit Theory: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joshparnell/limit-theory-an-infinite-procedural-space-game, sandbox space exploration Meriwether: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/meriwether/meriwether-an-american-epic, american history-based RPG
  10. These two projects entered their last week and are needing help to get funded:
  11. Some recent interesting projects: Maia, a sci-fi colony management simulator/god game inspired by games like Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper Sui Generis, a promising RPG Starforge, a Minecraft-inspired game mixed with FPS Sir, You Are Being Hunted, a stealth/survival game in a procedurally-generated world Spud's Quest, a retro puzzle/platform inspired in classics like the Dizzy series And 2 gamebooks (a "choose your own aventure" book): Maelorum Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories
  12. Third option, No and No. I'm tired of interesting ideas being used only in MMOs
  13. Will love to see a horror RPG, Feargus sayed already they almost created a World of Darkness one in the past...
  14. When companions have interesting personalities and quests I like to be able to choose between them when necessary, especially in the games where the inactive companions wait in some type of HQ (the IE games don't have these, but KOTOR 2 and NWN 2 yes), then I prefer they also gain XP
  15. Antharion: a promising isometric RPG
  16. I hope to see at least one companion from one of the three more unusual races or even a one from a race not available for the player, like the ghitzerai cleric from NWN2
  17. Timber and Stone http://www.kickstart...imber-and-stone A voxel-based city building game with a heavy emphasis on combat, fortifications, and siege warfare.
  18. The story says the PC will have a horrible experience at the beginning of the game then I guess we will start alone (any possible companion at this point probably will be a tutorial one and killed in the event). A idea for a first real companion will be someone who finds the PC soon after the event, maybe unconscious and/or barely alive.
  19. Paladin or ranger (bow focused). Race normally human or elf, but I want to know more about the unusual races before decide
  20. A grid system with some special containers to help organize items like scrolls, gems, ammunition...
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