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  1. I was recently reading a Warhammer 40K book and a similar situation happened. The Big Evil Bad Guy was fighting a Trying Really Hard Good Guy and somehow the good guy was pulled across the galaxy to safety through some xeno portal. The bad guy was like "What the hell, get back here and fight!" Just then the two Really Good Guys show up and do their "Evil will perish!" monologues and the bad guy, who's been nothing but pain and death and evil all book says, "Are we just not going to talk about what just happened to that guy?" then they continued their epic melee after being ignored. I la
  2. Can't you augment your Mechanics with Lockpicks? So a 6 Mechanics + 5 Lockpicks should be enough for an 11 skill check?
  3. I was so distracted by your inexplicably bolded and underlined text that I didn't even read your post. I apologize for that. I'm sure your comment or question deserves more attention than I was able to give it while trying to recover from your assuredly accidental full fontal attack.
  4. I find it reassuring. When I see "Pig" I know I'm not missing anything around me. Well, unless I forget to Stealth and walk everywhere.
  5. I don't even like playing mobile games on a tablet, much less PC games. They are great for reading an eBook on the toilet or looking up what other movies an actor from TV was in without having to get up off the couch or even rolling cool 3D dice for one session of DnD before switching back to real dice because the tablet ran out of power half way through the game even though it kept going to sleep every few seconds but that's about the extent of iPads or tablets for me.
  6. Uncheck all your DLC listed in your Steam Client then restart the Steam Client. Then go back and recheck all the DLC listed and it'll start downloading for you. The files should be under the game install folder after that.
  7. Saw a post the other day that it was only two which were changed in odd and confusing ways.
  8. For good old games? Absolutely! For first run games? Not so much. There's been too many examples of recent games on there that either don't work properly or don't work the same as the "real game". Divinity for example was one where multiplayer wasn't going to work since GoG had a different EXE at one point. Totally pushed me away from buying from them. For $2 games from 30 years ago that don't run on Windows 7, GoG is great. For brand new games... nope. Maybe in 30 years?
  9. To be fair, your name is BugsVendor, so it's probably expected that you'd have more bugs than others. How else will you keep your stock levels high?
  10. Hi petrivanzyl, welcome to the party! What class are you playing?
  11. I so disliked that. I'd explain why, but spoiler tags format oddly here. heh
  12. I wish it came with a doctor's note so I could skip work and play more.
  13. I had an entire battle behind some trees last night. Super annoying. I had no idea what I was clicking on! Seemed to work out though.
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