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  1. I am about to finish off my first visit on Dantooine, with the battle of Khoonda plains and all that. There seems to be a quest that I can't finish, called Redemption. It has to do with the fact that everyone on Dantooine hate the Jedi, and I should fix it. However, there doesn't seem to be possible to finish this quest. So do you have any tips, guys?
  2. A game may very well be shown at E3 without being published the same year.
  3. Indeed. That would have made me one happy cat...
  4. Let it be K3... And let it be made by Obsidian... We all have our hopes., don't we?
  5. That's just silly. Do you guys really think that there is a deeper meaning behind Mace Windu's saber? Sam Jackson wanted purple, and he got it, as simple as that. And saying that Mace Windu isn't properly in tune with the light side of the force is just idiotic. He's supposed to be one of the greatest Jedi at the time, not some substitute for Yoda. Besides, in twenty years' time, he'd be nearly dead himself. You don't get on the council if you're having second thoughts. AND besides, "alignment" in terms of Star Wars is a game construction. You can't superimpose KOTOR terminology on movies, which are visions of an imagined "real" world.
  6. There's no way I could know that... I didn't link either, I just gave him the adress to their site.
  7. There was nothing wrong with his drawings, was there?
  8. I thought this was common knowledge, that's all. You'll find it somewhere on www.gamefaqs.com
  9. Why do this, when you can just consult Dan Simpsons' influence faq? It contains some small errors, but on the whole a good faq.
  10. Let's keep this realistic. The trade-old-for-new-idea you're proposing is completely utopical. It wouldn't profit LucasArts or Obsidian in the slightest, and this is a capitalist society we're talking about. Even if they did the contents for free, they would have to be paid some amount of money for the cds and shipping to pay for expenses. As for the distribution of a possible content patch for x-box users, wouldn't it be convenient to have the largest game magazines have it on their cds/dvds? A free content patch, restoring the essential lost content would do it for me, so would a SE or GOTY edition. However, I do not expect to be given or traded this new edition for free. That's just disrespectful toward both companies.
  11. I really find it curious that many people here will complain and bitch, the be completely unsupportive when there actually is a glimmer of hope that Obsidian and LucasArts will adress these issues. I say a content patch would be fantastic, and I'd even pay for it. Hell, I'd pay full price for a SE issue of the game.
  12. Is there supposed to be a cutscene after reaching level 15? I mean, I just talk to Kreia, and she says something to the effect of "did you feel that". I didn't know I was supposed to feel anything, so is this a bug that "skipped" the cutscene, or is there none?
  13. Where are the influence encounters for these characters? Or is there some sort of influence bug on this planet? Is persuading the mechanic near the Ebon Hawk to tell you what he's doing, supposed to give you influence with Atton? Dan Simpsons' faq says so, but I gain nothing by talking to this character. Of course, Atton is in my party.
  14. Thanks Drakron, that answers my question. Kaldhore, I won't moralize about cheating, but check out starwarsknights.com
  15. I know what you mean, but the game engine uses a system to keep track of these things. Of course. If you open a save game with the KSE editor, you will see a number representing your current influence. I have 66 with atton and 74 with Kreia, for instance. So I was wondering, is 100 the highest number available?
  16. Is 100 the highest number of influence points possible?
  17. I'd rather see the story of Kotor completed before such a venture. Besides, that oversimplistic good/evil principle is apparent in most RPGS, especially those based on D&D. "Lawful good", "Neutral good" etc.
  18. Bah, they rock because their game rocks. KotorII is fantastic. When the content patch arrives, it will be legendary. You'll see!
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