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  1. I couldn't disagree more with you on the subject of the state. Is the American fetish of unlimited freedom something that is very much historically related? Those of us who live in countries with a socialistic (or at least social) tradition are not prisoners of the state. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the state to ensure that all people are taken care of and provided for. I also find it immoral and unethical to let people who are in need of help continue to suffer. It is not right that those who are wealthy shall become ever wealthier on the expense of those who are not equally wealthy. Communism and ideology aside, to be social-minded is to care and take care of those who are not as lucky as oneself. Why is it the state's responsibility to take care of the needy? Why should it be the state's responsibility to organize health care and education? Why should the state provide the safety nets? Why should private acteurs not be trusted too much with these things? Because all a private corporation cares about is earning money. Profit. Profit. And profit. That is all that will matter, and the human beings in the system will be overlooked and pushed back. We will not be the priority. Liquid means will. The state has a better possibility of staying neutral in cases like this. Its institutions need to stay afloat and prosper financially, of course, but this will be provided by the taxpayers, who are investing money into their own safety. There will be no need to start saving up for your children's college money the moment they are born, because education is free. There's no need to fear calling the ambulance, because you know an ambulance ride and two nights at a hospital will cost you $3000. It will be free. There's no need to fear having an accident that will render you unable to work - the state will help you, as is its responsibility. Given that the system works, no top excecutive will be out only to cut a deal for himself, the SYSTEM will be for the benifit of the people. You pay your taxes, but you are in no ways denied your freedom. Unless the freedom that you crave is to carry guns and shoot whoever you like.
  2. It's going to have to be tomorrow, it's 4am here, and I'm supposed to be at work tomorrow. I'll get back to you!
  3. Like how big? 14? 16? Am I to understand that there isn't any clarification of the issue of Mandalore in the actual game? Even though it's blatantly obvious? I mean, in a cutscene conversation with Kreia, he says "the Mandalorians will rise again, will rise again!" And that's the end of it?
  4. This would indeed be good to know. I haven't sold anything yet, out of a paranoid sense of knowing that the next merchant would give me a better price.
  5. I believe it stems from indoctrination - the propaganda of the US during the cold war proved to be very effective. We can still see the results: Most Americans know nothing whatsoever of what socialism or communism is, they only "know" it's the work of Satan, or something like that. I would like to see response from Taks on my last comment, on the last page. Easy to overlook.
  6. No one can deny that KII is a great game...
  7. Taks is way out of line, and is displaying a surprising level of ignorance, saying that the "so called social democracies" cannot work. It is funny then, that the Scandinavian countries have practiced this form of government for 60 years - and year after these same countries come out on top in all aspects of diverse social life surveys: Level of literacy, quality of health care, wealth rate, etc. A popular American belief seems to be that all ideologies focused on welfare and social equality are inherently totalitarian. This is frustrating to deal with, because there are those of us in the world who know better. True, totalitarianism has been the result in many countries, however this is not part of the principles and ideals of the theories itself. Personally, I find it astounding that some people consider it a bad thing to (as I've said countless times, it feels like) get free education, free health care, a social network to pick up persons who for various reasons may be rendered unable to earn their own income etc. There seems to be an issue of choice at the core of it, but really, I'd rather see a little less of my paycheck every month, than losing my life savings if I or a member of my family should suffer a heart attack. "every social system in the US is either failing, or has failed. let's look at the list..." And how is that a good thing? Shouldn't the United States work harder on making their deplorably lacking welfare systems more efficient? You guys are always welcome here on the other side of the pond for a seminar. Is your point that a country is better off without welfare systems? "Damn all those folks, it's their own fault for falling ill?" or "hell, if they can't pay for their education, they might as well not have one. I don't care if they get condemned to poverty". You seem to be using the poor state your own welfare systems are in as an argument that it is a bad thing to have them. I think you'd better pucker up and get your systems whipped into workable shape. "as it stands, the US is supporting many of the social democracies in the world with regards to healthcare." If that isn't a prime example of american chauvinism, I don't know what is. Yeah, it's a good thing you do research. It's a good thing right? You don't want the gov't to pull the plug on research, do you? Also, medicinal research isn't something that you can take the credit for on your own. And those products are SOLD, you aren't supporting anyone. "socialism, even the so-called social democracy, looks good on paper. it doesn't work in practice simply because there is no way for a socialist economy to adjust for varying demand. even them there scandinavian countries will fail if they keep the government dole high. unemployment in europe puts the US situation to shame. double digits are the norm in most every socialist country. it's a failure, and those that don't recognize that will fail right along with it..." Why are you using the term "government dole" for both airline tickets and the Dole? Not a single thing you write here is correct. The system has worked for 60 years. One would imagine there would be signs of it failing by now, right? It's been a long time. However, the USA's economy seems to be worsening by the year, as far as I can see. Also, you don't seem to realize what a social democracy is. It is not a state where the government controls everything. The economy is mixed, with both market economy and government regulation. It's quite successful too. Especially since the USA is outscored on every account. The grades of exchange students who return to Norway after a year in the United States plummet, as a result of getting used to your multiple choice tests.
  8. So he doesn't have anything to say about his travels with Revan? That's a bit... odd. I would have considered that relevant information to include...
  9. Does Mandalore have information about Revan/the plot in general to come with, if you influence him enough? I'm having problems with this because of my alignment...
  10. I can warmly recommend Planescape: Torment and Fallout 1 and 2. Great roleplaying games by Black Isle.
  11. The principles and ideology of free trade is liberalism, not capitalism, although the two are tightly connected. The USSR was in no way real communism. Power hungry leaders like Stalin perverted what originally was a novel, yet perhaps flawed, theory. However, no one can say that the ideals of equality and sharing is detestable. However, there will always be need for an elite of sorts, be it intellectual or economic. Social democracy is a form of government there can be no doubt is fully functionable. The Scandinavian countries have been governed this way in sixty years. Denmark has taken a turn to the right lately, which I find disturbing, but that's the way it goes, I guess. Someone said Capitalism/Liberalism might cause inequality and class conflict because of bad government intervention. That's the interesting points, because these ideologies don't want any government intervention at all. Voila, you have a circular argument on your hands. When ill people desperately tell their fellow citizens not to call the ambulance, for gods sake, call a taxi instead, something is wrong. An ambulance ride would bankrupt them. Maybe it's time to forget that socialism is the big bad wolf, and actually recognise its advantages. Free health care, free education (including colleges and universities) isn't so bad.
  12. It doesn't really give me incentive to replay, it gives me incentive to rip handfuls of hair out of my skull.
  13. Well, I am a lightsider, else this wouldn't be a problem. Now, I want the information that HK might have about Revan etc., but I don't want to disturb my roleplaying by murdering people. Any idea on how to do this? On some characters, doing the opposite of what they want have a desired effect. But will this lead to them turning against me at some point? Are there "reversed influence" options for HK?
  14. Thank the heavens for Aurora and her/his team.
  15. Will there be given any information/resolution in regards to g0-t0 zapping the remote??
  16. That's not an ideology either. However, you must realize that I do not question your right to be here.
  17. What the hell are you talking about? To use an imagined and hypothitical scenario as an example to illustrate a point, or even argue with, is not by any means an IDEOLOGY. I have given a definition of the word, you supplied one, and there is no link between the term and the way you're using it. And, you cannot have an "a" in there. There is no such thing as an "ideAology" or "ideAlogy".
  18. You can't use the word that way. Hypothetical is a better word. But I see you found out.
  19. Read my post again, clever boy. I was making fun of your misspelling of the word. As you seem to have found out, it is spelled "ideology", not "ideaology". You still haven't explained the way you used the word, because the way you used it doesn't rhyme with the definitions that both you and I have given.
  20. Well, I find it a waste of time. I also find your use of the word "ideology" (there's not a real word called "ideaology", and I can say that with a good deal of conviction) a bit strange. An ideology is a way of thinking, certain ideas or characteristics in a person or group of persons that forms the basics of a political or economic system. Like Marxism, Utilitarianism, Capitalism, etc. Care to clear up, a bit?
  21. A day?? Are you kidding? Do Americans consider this to be "confined" or "healthy"?
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