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  1. Step down, Lord Tarondor. Your attemps of argumentation would hold its own in an academic - or as you say, intellectual - discussion. You can't use "95% of the people who like Star Wars hate the prequels" as an argument, because it is clearly not true, you're just snatching numbers out of thin air. As for the other aspect of this discussion, of course you're allowed to post here, I just don't know why you'd bother.
  2. The silver crystal can be bought from Geeda on Nar Shaddaa if you have opened a trade route to Dantooine for her.
  3. The old woman had what I needed. I am now the proud owner of three blue and two green crystals. Yay!
  4. Well, thanks anyway. All the Crystal Cave yielded was a purple one, plus the Exile's Crystal, and some upgrade crystals. Thanks Flatus, I'll look into it right away!
  5. I must be an idiot, but I can't get the cheats working. Probably has something to do with me playing the European version. Anyway, I'd rather find the crystals legit.
  6. It's bloody irritating, is what it is. I probably reloaded twenty times when Lootra rewarded me, but it was the same bloody yellow and purple all the time. That ugly scavenger woman on Dantooine is probably going to refuse talking to me, after I delivered the bodies to the military person at Koonda.
  7. I can only find yellow and purple ones, even when I am given lightsabers as rewards. I want blue and green, damn it!
  8. I'm so giddy right now, I can barely contain myself. And it's freaking 5.30 am!
  9. It hurts my brain to read your post...
  10. That might be correct, I have not done any research on the subject. I formulated myself poorly, it's just something I though I heard. When it comes to the native Americans, they were by all means primitive in the context that we are talking about. They had no background that would contribute to help the US' diplomacy efforts. The North American Indians were hunters and gatherers, roaming the praerie, following the buffaloe, living off the land and so on. Granted, the Europeans were much more savage, but that cannot be related to this. That's not to say scalping isn't savage. The Mayans and Incas were very savage in their ways too, if that is what you are basing your argument on. Human sacrifices of hundreds per year and so on. Still, there's a reason Cortez is remembered as the Killer. Of course, the Mayan calendar is more precise than ours, and we still marvel at the Wonders of the past, like the gardens of Babylon, the Colossus of Rhodes (not that it's actually there anymore) the Pyramids. These facts do not change the fact that they were primitive. Remember, the discussion was about whether or not the US was a young nation in a political perspective.
  11. Will we need to start a new game to enjoy this mod? Not that that's a bad thing... I'm sure I'm going to complete the game in a months's time!
  12. I can live with that. If you guys manage to pull this off, I'm going to be smiling from ear to ear. Damn!
  13. This seems absolutely fantastic. When do you recon it will be done?
  14. It's a bit irritating that you can't complete this in such a way that everyone are pleased and lives happily ever after. But that's the way it has to be, I guess.
  15. Is there another way of completing this mission, other than striking a deal with Vogga the Hutt? It seems like a real rotten deal, and as the Republic droid intelligence states, that deal would in the long run do more harm than good. So what do you say? From a good-natured, light-sided role-players perspective, to do or not to do?
  16. Seemed way too young to me. Yes, I know they hardly age at all. But he's only a couple thousand years younger than Elrond. Of course, he wasn't horrible. Viggo Mortensen was definitely worse.
  17. And not a dreadfully good actor. I wish they had gotten someone else for Legolas.
  18. To not organize a relief effort is in no way the same as "creating the famine to exterminate the Irish", which is what I understood by the premise supposition.
  19. The World Bank is hardly a humanitarian organization. The mere thought is ridiculous. Next you'll probably be listing the International Monetary Fund as do-gooders for the poor in the world? These people are one of the main reasons "the third world" is a term today. I'd rather give credit to Medecin sans Frontieres in this context. Those people are really selfless. And seriously, how could the potatoe famine be orchestrated by the English? Seems pretty contrived to me. But then again, many states in the US tech Creation instead of evolution. That's about as un-scientific as it gets. And the two aren't even mutually exclusive. It's fundamentalism, that's what it is...
  20. Damn. I'm on 35 hours and still on Nar Shadaa. And that's my second planet. :D
  21. You're right, buddy! I'm from Norway... By the way, I just now noticed LoneWolf16's reply to me, which I would like to quote: Very well said. And he's American, WithTeeth.
  22. Of course, that is my hope as well. That seems a bit difficult though, as the American government is behaving very arrogantly. "If you're not with us, you're against us".
  23. You are wrong, but I guess there is no way of making you understand that
  24. Why on earth would you play II before I? My advice is to go with the Fallouts and Planescape: Torment. Far better games. And to this Sneaky Smurf character: Since when is Fifa 2002 combat oriented? Baldur's Gate is boring. You can't go for a walk in the park without being jumped by all sorts of silly creatures, Kobolds, gnomes etc, and you're likely to get your ass kicked until level 10 or something. The way the story is being told is boring. And it's not very good, either. As I said, go with Fallout or Torment.
  25. Thats what i was afraiad of. too young. how does a goverment go to barbarism to decadence with no HUGE conflict over centurys. were we ever barbaric? no. are we really that young of a country, no. you speak out of misconception, our goverment dates back to 1798 with out interuption. how many goverments in europe date that for back? your not the only one with this misconception, even intellectuals in europe have it. If one thinks of one
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