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  1. I do not know if this has been discussed before, but the chronicles of the KotOR story that is displayed at LEC, does not seem to match the stort as it is presented in TSL. Take a look at this: JEDI MASTER KREIA, Revan's old mentor, is still haunted by guilt, wondering whether it was her teaching that resulted in Revan's fall to the dark side, and begins to search for him. Sensing his last location, she travels to Malachor V, but is unable to shield her emotions, and is completely consumed by the dark side of the Force. She is lost to the Jedi, spending the next several years on Malachor V, learning its secrets, and eventually becoming The master of the Sith academy there. Guided by Kreia's influence, Sith assassins once again begin to emerge silently from Malachor V and strike at isolated Jedi across the Republic, capturing some Jedi to turn to the dark side, and slaying those that resist. Taken to the dark side world of Malachor V to be fed to the planet's dark energies, these Jedi husks create even more assassins and DARK JEDI, feeding the planet's hunger. And this: Coming to the realization that they are being targeted by a hidden and insidious adversary, the Jedi Order scatter, going to ground in an attempt to draw out the attackers. To all intents and purposes, the Jedi Order disbands, and renounces the Old Republic. One of the Order, JEDI MASTER ATRIS, gives in to her frustration and the collapse of the Jedi Order, and begins to delve into Sith holocrons to attempt to determine the nature of the threat facing the Jedi. Attempting to summon the remaining Jedi she has kept contact with, Atris attempts to call a Jedi Conclave under the strict agreement of secrecy on a Midrim world. She struggles to comprehend her actions as the Conclave is interrupted when every single Jedi attending vanishes without a trace. It is later discovered that all of them were savagely culled by Dark Side Sith Assassins under the command of DARTH NIHILUS. Unknown to the rest of the Jedi, Atris secretly leaked knowledge of the Jedi attending the Conclave in the hopes that the enemy would reveal themselves. However, the results were worse than Atris could have possibly imagined. I was under the impression that Nihilus devoured the Miraluka world. Anyone care to explain or flesh this out a bit?
  2. I guess the modders could try and send a PM to one of the devs... Under the table, of course...
  3. Will the there be more information about Mandalore included? Saw something about him unmasked. Seeing as he .
  4. What the bloody hell has this got to do with the ending mod? It's a really ****e idea too, I might add.
  5. Why would you want to condone and fund murder of innocent people?
  6. Dustil Onasi? In the tomb? Like a vision, or the real deal?
  7. Add "idiot", "short-sighted", "superior", and "na
  8. Indeed. As a matter of fact, before they were assaulted, they even contemplated supporting the Third Reich.
  9. But we have! There is something in Obsidian's coding that ****ed the quest up. Something about parameters or something, I really don't know much about it. I followed a tutorial though, edited some codes in the game files, and voila! It works. Read this: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=31188
  10. Didn't Chaos Theory come out quite recently? Somehow I can't see that game in a bargain bin... yet.
  11. What the **** is this nonsense about Sidious being 300 years? You gotta stop reading those damn EU comics. Kyber crystal? What the hell are you talking about? Sober up, man!
  12. Reveilled: You Americans are all about taking what you want and giving nothing in return, aren't you? It's customary to pay for one's goods, isn't it?
  13. To call paying taxes "robbery" is extremely short sighted. I am disgusted.
  14. I think the EU is a twisted little thing. There is no need for it, as I see it, not as a counterbalance to US or anything else. Trade will flourish with or without it. It does nothing to further a sense of unity either, we will forever be Frenchmen, Germans and Swedes. Withteeth posed some questions I would like to try and answer briefly, because plenty of other Scandinavians have replied similarly. 1) Rosbjerg covered this nicely, we earn more and pay more, basically. You have the rights to a minimum wage whether you are organized or not. And one is not ostracized by the employer for being organized. 2) In Norway, all education is free, even at University level. Unless you go to some private institution, of course. You do not pay to be in school. I do not have to pay a single kr to my University to be allowed to attend. However, the Student Union demands that each student pays a small fee per semester in order for the Union to cover working expenses of running student gyms, kindergartens, cafeterias, dormitories etc. This fee is 395NOK per semester, equalling approximately $40. Effectively, an entire year in College will cost $80. Compare this to US policy. In addition to this, students who live away from home (as in the house of their Primary family) get good conditions for a students loan. 3) As stated, the emplyer must always pay the minimum wage. This subject was also covered nicely by Rosbjerg and the other Scandinavians here. And, just to clarify, our government is not socialist, but social democratic. In Norway, as in the rest of Europe, a turn to the right has become evident. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I sure haven't noticed anything good come from it in my own nation. A so called "quality reform" has been introduced for higher education, which limits the time a student can spend on his subject. This means that both doctor candidates and masters candidates have less time to make their theses, which in my mind will sooner or later be harmful for research and science. I do not know how the situation is in Denmark and Sweden, but the populist, American modelled parties here are actually scaring me a bit. "LOWER TAXES!" "GET THE IMMIGRANTS OUTTA HERE!" However, as it is now, the red-green parties are shaping up very well for the elections. With our parliamentary system, an alliance of this nature will mean a social democratic overweight in parliament. This is a good thing!
  15. That is why I, as you will notice when you actually read my post, wrote "as canonical as possible". Which associations does that give you?
  16. Indeed. But I feel we need some resolution to Bao-Dur. IF you know what the developers intended, of course. I understand that are trying to make this as "canonical" as possible?
  17. It is the same in Norway, by the way. It should be commented that the Jante Law is not legislature, it's more of a social norm deeply rooted in society. Just in case some reactionarian American would try to use this as an example of how we are enslaved by our governments! :D
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