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[MECHANICS] Power level compilation thread

power level mechanics

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Quick question regarding Power Level and spells that apply damage multiple times (e.g. Relentless Storm) and damage over time spells (e.g. Touch of Rot): If I were to equip some +PL gear, cast such a spell, and then switch the gear I'm using, would the subsequent ticks/applications of damage use the PL I had when casting or my current PL?


Here's a couple examples to further illustrate my question:

1. Let's say I have Deltro's Cage and Lord Darryn's Voulge equipped, and I cast Relentless Storm. Relentless Storm hits enemies once, and then I switch to another weapon (or spiritshift). Will the subsequent hits of Relentless Storm use my current PL (w/o Lord Darryn's Voulge (and Deltro's Cage if Spiritshifted)), or the PL I had when casting?

EDIT: Just tested this one, and the PL does drop after spiritshift.

2. Let's say I have the Spine of Thicket Green w/ beasts upgrade, and I cast Plague of Insects. I then switch weapons or Spiritshift. Same question as above: what happens?

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For those curious about crafting poisons and what can be done there, for each point of Alchemy you get 0.5 PL for Poison.  The benefits mirror what OP has given for general abilities (5% damage per point etc.)


It should be noted that when to hit calculations are done for poisons, the value listed in the description is generally what you see in the end result.  That means against Fortitude or Will, poisons get no additional bonuses to accuracy aside from global bonuses like from Assassinate.  [Testing has shown poisons benefit from Assasinate]


As a case study, at 20 Alchemy and a +2 PL from Spider Silk Robes, Storm Toxin has an Accuracy against Fortitude Check of 89.  Assuming a boss fight on POTD upscaled, unless you attack the defenses of the target in many cases the poison in question will either miss or graze (for reference, the Guardian of Ukaizo has a Fort of 143 and the recent slime megaboss has a Fort of 189).  Even on harder fights like the Ancient Fampyrs you should expect mostly grazes.


Feels like Obsidian threw down the nerf bat a bit too hard here.  

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