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  1. Oh, that's nice. This is good to know. Are there other fights that don't need to be completed 'during quest' as well? The list is quite long of quests that were similarly phrased as per the qiki page I was getting my information from: Defeat the Everlasting Archmage. Concelhaut During Bekarna's Folly Defeat the Destroyer within Drowned Barrows. Nemnok the Devourer During Nemnok the Devourer (quest) Kill the Secret of the Watershapers. Scyorielaphas During The Shadow under Neketaka Kill the Terror of the Maw. Jadaferlas the Ancient During He Waits in Fire Destroy the Guardian beyond the Mortar. Guardian of Ukaizo During The City Lost to Time Kill the Tunneler below Neketaka. Giant cave grub During The Cornett's Call Kill the Crystal Empress. Belranga In Mega Boss - The Crystal Empress Destroy the Voracious Mountain. Hauani O Whe In Mega Boss - The Voracious Mountain Kill the Arcane Sigilmaster. Sigilmaster Auranic In Mega Boss - Sigilmaster Auranic Destroy the Ironclad Colossus. Dorudugan In Mega Boss - The Helfire Colossus Kill the Abomination of Galawain. Porokoa During The Hunter Hunted [SSS] Kill the Risen Dragon. Neriscyrlas During Death's Depthless Dominion [BW] Defeat the Beast of Winter. The Beast of Winter During Death's Depthless Dominion [BW] Kill the Memory Hoarder. Memory Hoarder [FS] Defeat the Oracle. Oracle of Wael [FS]
  2. Is it not mandatory to kill Giant Cave Grub during Cornett's Call Quest? I happened to notice while watching Višnja's SC Bloodmage run that the fight is skipped and quest is turned in. That fight can be a pain. from Wiki: "Kill the Tunneler below Neketaka. Giant cave grub During The Cornett's Call." EDIT: Butchered the spelling of name.
  3. After going over the Engwithan Titan fight a few times - I realize it can't be compared to the Giant Cave Grub fight I had yesterday because the mage there uses Arcane Dampener. I was able to reproduce that death with video and it's obvious to me now that my buffs are suppressed when the Titan drops me on my head.
  4. So I have some great news! I died again at the Engwithan Titan on Poko Kohara this morning in almost the exact same fashion. Over 300 seconds active on my BDD. This time however I got a closer look at what happened: - I had 1 injury going into fight (Fatigue) - I did not die instantly upon entering melee this time (I had had taken care of the mage and was working on killing archers/armsman) - Then, Titan used his pick up / slam ability which knocked me prone and applied a second injury (I believe it was Gaping Wound) - You have died screen appears. My current theory is that when I was knocked prone with newly acquired second injury - it's possible the game thinks I have been downed (or knocked out?) for longer than 10 seconds procing my Berath's Challenge game over? So I fired up my recording software and fought him again - but had no issue with second fight. This save file however is NOT ToI or Expert mode - so hopefully when I have time later today I can reproduce this (bug?) for you guys and we can actually diagnose this with a short video clip. EDIT: Also, I was wrong in my first post about Giant Cave Grub yesterday as I realized during my play through today: I would have had fatigue injury going into that fight too from diving to get the second Conch - so my injury type and count should be identical with what I experienced today at Engwithan Titan.
  5. I had no injuries going into room and I took a phone call while I watched SoT do it's AI, so the timer was definitely good. Double checked BDD was active of course and immediately got intsa gibbed upon walking into melee range. I did not notice a gulp animation - just died to most likely the first melee hit. Very strange indeed. I thought maybe a small grub debuffed me or something because I just had no time to react or analyze what happened, it was that fast. This one sounds like it might be a mystery, but I really do appreciate the replies. Going to do a play through without expert mode / ToI active and maybe I can replicate anything that may have gone wrong. If no one here has had an issue it's more than likely an error on my part.
  6. Killed immediately through SoT/BDD upon entering the room. Not sure what hit me cause it was TCS save and I can't see combat log after 'You have died.' screen. Is there any reason that would happen? I read on wiki before entering and and didn't see any abilities from the giant cave grub, cave grubs or grublings that would be cause for concern. I'm just confused what I did wrong there. I guess I'll turn off expert mode for next character or I'll have a million questions like this going forward. Anyways, thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.
  7. @theleeThat stealth sequence was silky smooth, nicely done. Do you remember your composite stealth off the top of your head? Edit: Sorry I'm lazy - just needed to go back a bit further in the clip!
  8. Sorry if this has already been covered, but what is the impact of Empowering Chanter summons? Would I solely get summon duration?
  9. I did try the boots cancel action strategy for about 30 minutes earlier, the issue was the room I'm jumping into is absolutely tiny, and littered with enemies - and I can't pause. So I tried to spark cracker them out of the room -> jump in -> loot chest -> jump out The margin for error was so small I really don't think a Korean Starcraft player could micro that reliably.
  10. I found a video of a solo wizard doing this area, albeit a bit outdated, and they took the fight. It seemed there was not much I could do other than power through it, use all my best consumables, and empower myself instead of a single spell for resources... The fight was still very sketchy and finished off the last two enemies with no active buffs - swinging my flail in desperation mode. I will have to find an Ultimate video and see what those guys are doing, like you said. If there's a way avoid fighting there entirely, they would probably know. Also, to piggyback another question in here: Can I cure bleeding from my character? The skeleton archers in there were doing work on my HP bar and I believe it was some form of physical bleed they were applying to me. I still have Unshackling ring in my bags but I wasn't sure if that would do anything. Thanks again.
  11. *Difficulty is Solo PotD upscale, currently level 16 SC Wizard Having trouble coming up with a strat on my Wiz to acquire tablet from North-eastern room in Hanging Sepulchers (the room containing the Wraith that Dimensional Shifts you back towards entrance). The enemies themselves would be manageable if I didn't get ported - this causes me to have to fight the Wraith +2 Rotghast at entrance, then run back and fight the remaining enemies which is very taxing on my total spell count considering I'd need to do a round of buffing for each pack. Also I should mention that Berath and Magran challenge are active so this cant be split into two fights once I decide to enter combat. Is there a stealth level I can have to walk in an snag it and just circumvent this entire combat? I've tried luring with spark crackers and using bounding boots to leap into the room - but this is very tricky and there's no way I could reliably reproduce this result even if i manage it, which I haven't. Anyways, thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.
  12. Don't forget to equip something better than Hylea's Bounty before acquiring many of these! I didn't know about (Incredible) food until today, wishing I had a Captain's Banquet! I don't want to lose my Dawnstar Blessing so it's pretty much a done deal for me at this point on my Priest. Hylea's is by no means bad but that spell speed/damage would be far superior after the first few levels when your skills are very low.
  13. Nice, thank you. I will search for this today! *Update* I did find the encounter based on your instruction, it is due West of Fort Deadlight, on the Island containing the Ruins of Amira's Roost. Failing the Survival check at False Forest just before the Ruins did indeed grant me the Acute Rash. Thanks Again!
  14. Okay thanks for info Boeroer. That cloak does seem really nice as well. I still haven't found the scripted encounter south of Fort Deadlight where I can acquire the acute rash that Waski mentioned, so I haven't really done anything with this Rekvu's Helm, yet. I have made some decent upgrades though, Nomad's Brigandine from a bounty due West of Neketaka was a massive improvement to my Cabalist's Regalia from Arkamyr Manor. Also, I just hit level 16 so I'm starting to really feel the Priest/Wizard multiclass coming together. How do you suggest I get a serious burn injury given that I can't knock myself out? Do you have a method?
  15. Thanks Waski, I will search for this encounter South of Fort Deadlight. Any thoughts on using Rekvu's Helmet on a Priest/Wizard? Seems like a very nice option.. I am currently using the mask from Delver's Row that has Rymrgand spell proc, but I haven't found any better helmet options so far. I guess I'll have to find out if Headdress will spawn for me in Ori o Koiki when I get there.
  16. Can you get Thaos Headdress from Aloth at any point during a full solo run? I've searched and searched but I can't figure out if it's possible without partying him and then dropping him after removing item from his inventory... I believe I have my poe1 background setup correctly because it IS in Aloth's inventory if I GROUP him. When I KILL him (at Digsite or in Port Maje) he only has his robes, which is the problem. The run is over if I group him for even a second to remove this item, please let me know if this is possible, what I'm doing wrong, or if there is another method. Thanks!
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