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Request: Separate Character Builder


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Could we possibly have an official character builder, separate from the game? I remember using Gatekeeper (though it was unofficial) ages ago, to help plan my BG/IWD characters. Still have a collection of character files around somewhere, played and unplayed.


Something that we could use to build a character and see how it levels up, checking damage/survivability/etc and allowing basic items* to be equipped.

* While it'd be nice to check against all items in the game, there be spoilers there.


A planned character we like could then be imported into a new PoE2 (as a level 1 character).

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Would be very nice to have. But honestly: dream on...  ;)


edit: But maybe MaxQuest will do another of his nice web-applications where you can do this. :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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nwn2db is the first thing that came to my mind too. And I am horrified by the amount of (free) time it likely took  :sweat:


@Boeroer, it would mean no-gaming for quite looong for me)


P.S. nwn2db was made by Mick Hawkins, there is a link in the footer. And nope, he doesn't look to be affiliated to OBS.

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