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The Outer Worlds Trademarks (Obsidian's AAA RPG?)


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I think the guy who made the video misunderstood what Feargus said during the Eurogamer video. I myself understood it that Outer Worlds is the biggest project currently at Obsidian, not during their whole existence.

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Hate the living, love the dead.

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Nothing will be bigger than Fallout: New Vegas.


Whatever they are working on with Private Division is a AA game, nut AAA.


Kind of risky doing an open world game with an AA budget in the current generation.  You'll end up with mixed results like Elex (a game which I adore, but critics are not so kind to it).

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""An alien invasion sweeps across the galaxy. The hope of humanity rests with an exile from an ancient empire and his loyal crew. They must work together to save the human race from imminent extinction. High adventure on a galactic scale.""


In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war

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The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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Well they certainly didn't have to develop everything from scratch, they build on top of what Bethesda had done. So perhaps that was merely a AA title.


After all the ranking has to do with budgets and production scale, not exactly final product.

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ive heard some whispers about a new rpg and if that book as any correlation to it i think im going to be in heaven its been a while since ive played a good fun rpg hopefully it ends up a mmorpg so i can get a couple of my buddies in it sounds like that would be fun 

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Lovecraftian rpg or steampunk would be amazing... If only!

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