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  1. I've killed all four apprentices, I have collected and read all four notes, but the door to concelhaut will not open. I only have the 4th option for the first question; the next question only has three options, even though I've read all the notes.
  2. Hello, i have update Pillars of eternity + expansions to patch (last update), gog version. But , completely random, when i exit from the game in main menù. the game freeze, and crash to desktop. This problem happen 50% of the times. I have already try to repair the cache and re-install the game. O.S: Windows 10 64 bit GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 (with last driver) CPU: Intel Core i5 3.2 ghz
  3. yeah i have already send many emails in the past days and today
  4. Hello, i have sent many email but i have not received any answers yet. On 23 december 2017, i have made a pledge of 115 dollars with paypal for the game " pillars of eternity 2 " ( order: PWAVAO5S08YWL ). Can i have a refund on my paypal of this pledge please? (but don't worry, i have made another pledge of 35 dollars) Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience. Order n°: PWAVAO5S08YWL
  5. i have check ALL the enemies drop in the dungeon, and the key was not there
  6. Hello, i think i found a bug in quest: "the storm of poko kohara" --> passage: " search the ruins of poko kohara" , in the second level of Engwithan livestation dungeon (after the gigant boss) i can't open the door for the third level. I spent many hours exploring the first and second levels of the dungeon, but there are no keys that open that door. The only two aternatives are: 1) have enough skill to open the door 2) use the cheats "unlockall" in the console command to open the door i have also attached a screen
  7. How many people who worked on the first pillars, also work on deadfire (apart chris avellone of course) and how many have left from obsidian?
  8. yes, there is the god mode? Yep, either press shift and G or press ~ then type "god" thanks
  9. Hello, in the beta there is the console command?
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