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Will there be any dragon(not drakes) bosses like in the first game?

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Hi there recently backed POE2 since I really liked the first one and the older BG games+wanted to give some support to one of my favorite videogame devs :)

What I really loved about the older Baldur games and the last POE was the dragon like boss type of creatures you could find they always proved a great challenge and fun for me so considering where POE 2 will be happening can we expect them to return?


PS sorry if me talking about dragons is a spoiler tried avoid that and this is my first post on these forums (since i'm wondering  as well about a certain one if we will meet him considering we had a choice to help him in his ''out of body experience'' favor he asked :dragon:

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Do you even Fig bro?




Of course, the Deadfire is populated by uglier monsters than just imperialists. Strange and exotic creatures call the archipelago home -nagas, grubs, imps, unforgettably deadly beetles, and - of course - dragons.



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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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