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maybe its quite stupid question but what class/build would be closest to Witcher from Sapkowski books (or game if someone is not familiiar wirh books) ?

Im interested in playtrough with simmilar character but i have no idea what would be closest one. Is there even possibility to create such character?


What could be best weapon for such character.




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Every class can wield swords, estocs and great swords - so it all comes down to the Witcher's magic that you'd want to emulate. So maybe a wizard. Or a fighter with a lot of spellbinding items and scroll usage. Rogue would also be possible, but maybe a bit squishy. I could also see a chanter as witcher. They have some effects via invocations and phrases that match with the witcher's stuff.


I would use great swords or estocs. there some really nice unique ones in the game.

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First of all there are two swords.

I'd say Blade of the Endless Paths vs enemies with medium-low DR, and Tidefall vs enemies with high DR. The character could switch them like witchers do.


Second, there are signs: Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen and Axii.

Aard - basic sign is similar to Mind Wave; while sweep upgrade is somewhat similar to Amplified Wave.

Igni - fan of flames plus ray of fire, and to a lesser degree soul ignition.

Yrden - this one is hard, maybe Time Siphon for mass slow

Quen - there are no phys damage preventing shielding spells. Perhaps Spirit Shield , Llengrath's Displaced Image, Ironskin and Psychovampiric Shield? Or maybe Unbending + Triggered Immunity?

Axii - Whispers of Treason / Tenuous Grasp / Enigma's Charm


I would go for:

- wizard or cipher, if you want to play like a witcher of Griffin school.

- cipher or fighter for Wolf School

- fighter for Ursine School

- and rogue for Cat/Viper School feel

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MaxQuest - a witcher from the books, not the games. ;)


I still think a chanter would be nice.

Aard: could be the lvl 1 invocation that stuns and pushes.

Igni: obviously The Dragon Thrashed.

Yrden: everybody with mechanics can place traps. The chanter can also have drop traps. Or the Killers froze stiff.

Quen: the -10% damage chant & the 30pt damage shield chant

Axii: there's an invocation for that.


Most of the invocations are cone shaped.


Best thing is: you can name your chants accordingly.

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It was born as joke sometimes ago,but... :yes:




Geralt, Cypher with two 2handed swords - one kith slayer, second wilder slayer. I don't remember stats, but those were according to melee cypher (might, per, dex at least 15)

And lore 4 for scroll Fan of Flames and Ray of Fire, which serve as Igni substitution.

It was a lot of fun RPing Geralt with his party.

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Zoltan was a tank fighter
Ciri was a rogue with Escape and Shadow Beyond (It fits perfectly with her combat style from Witcher 3 game)
Triss - priest, that's all)

Dandelion - of course, chanter

And Yennefer as damaging wizard

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