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The Dwarven Companion Recovery Front

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@Boeroer, now that druid is pretty amazing.





Now, regarding the possible stretch goal, we at DCRF wonder what could it be?


$3.2 million?


$3.4 million?


Or more like $3.5 million?

You know, "uh we at Obsidian need about tree-fitty."



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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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What has befallen Obsidian as of late? No dwarven companion in sight? I am dismayed and more than a little outraged.

Dwarves are not some RPG staple race. They are the very life blood of any RPG.

Without any dwarves, there will be no joy, no fun, no excitement, no temperamental outbursts, no beards, no mishmash of ancestry, ill-concealed greed and camaraderie.

We are left with them pesky elves. Fair-haired and tawny. If your character doesn't have huge tufts of hair everywhere, all you have is a woos of a bugger.



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A stretch goal for dwarfs sounds interesting, but, realistically, how would they reach it?

Aren't we above dwarf puns by now?


Some people have short memories... :cat:

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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Yes, Dwarf companions are a must!  I fully endorse this campaign, but then I think there is a LOT more that needs to be done for the stumpy peoples!


The portraits are a big issue for me: not only are there only two of them for males and three for females, but they are very traditional dwarves.  Now, nothing wrong with traditional, but considering that dwarves are supposedly a major part of the Vailian Republics there needs to be stylistically specific dwarves also, such dwarf with tricorn, or dwarf with nautical goatee.  How can I make Pirate Dwarf without appropriate picture!  Considering the very specific-ness of it too and the lack of dwarf artwork in general it is very hard to find custom portraits to suit.  It is the same issue I have with the Pale Elves: not only are there only a handful of them, but not one of them feature the very specific main power of Pale Elves, the ability to grow beards!  And considering the very specific appearance of Pale Elves as an Obsidian take on it, again finding custom portraits is downright impossible!


Now, I know most people play humans apparently, but then when the only decent portraits are for humans what choice are you giving people?  It is a self-fulfilling prophecy!  Get it together Obs and give us some Stumpy Love!

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This is the Dwarven Companion Recovery Front.


In todays update we would like to reminisce about some famous dwarven companions of yore. Let’s start with something everybody knows:



KORGAN (Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn)

The meanest of the mean, this berserker was probably the most fun I had in all the cRPGs combined. That mate is crazy. I mean he’s nasty, he’s lewd, he’s gottta crush on a halfling girl, he’s got everything you’re looking for in your search of Imoen and hunt for Irenicus. His quest was quite short, but interesting still. And great voice acting, btw.



YESLICK (Baldur’s Gate)

This oasis of peace has a nice priestly touch to the dwarven lore. He’s not zealous but sure knows how to inspire people around him. If you be needing a sturdy hammer and some buffs you know who you gonna call. No, not Ghost Busters. Yes, the Undead Turners. Also, am I the only one that thinks he is a bit of a father figure to everybody?



KAGAIN (Baldur’s Gate)

This dude’s been probably the alpha version of Korgan, but with something more of a drinking problem. Thanks to his English voice actor I have a feeling he’s more like a grumpy old man, than a dwarven gold‘n’ale-lusting evildoer. Yet, his grudge with Yeslick is something many of us remember.



ARKANIS (Baldur's Gate)

Now this one's here for the lolz. Great portrait, tho ;)



KHELGAR (Neverwinter Nights 2)

The best memory I have with Khelgar is meeting him right in front of an inn, fighting off some losers. And the following banter while drinking some ale. Though hilarious, he’s a capable fighting friend. So sorry he had this crazy idea to become a monk and fight with bare hands. Damn monks, destroying the fantasy settings like, well, um, monks.



GRIMGNAW (Neverwinter Nights)

Speaking of which, this one is the least intersting henchman from my list. A monk, so I got nothing. Although, they say that the Front for Recovery of a Dwarven Companion like him. They are weird, that lot.



MURADIN (Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos)

Okay, this is not cRPG per se, but you could play with him and there was „some” character development. Well the skills at least. Truly, the RPS genre – as they called it at the time – was just an RTS. But a typical fighter with a typical Scottish accent, your favourite mountain king. What’s not to like? Damn you, Arthas.



OGHREN (Dragon Age: Origins)

A more positive version of Kagain if you ask me. Still, he is loads of fun, has a lot of memorable moments and his story is quite interesting. You can have him in your company during the events of the Dragon Age: Awekening, so BAM, a dwarven grey warden. How cool is that? Verbose badassery, wouldn’t want to meet him in a yo-mama fight.



SIGRUN (Dragon Age: Awekening)

A first dwarven gal, I reckon. Bioware did it. Maybe she was in some ways a character that Obsidian enjoyed in a game and then they made Sagani. I mean look at her, don’t you see a visual resemblance? A rogue was a fitting class for a dwarf. How many warriors, fighters, barbarians you can get? Which reminds me of all these classes still waiting to be given to a dwarven companion.



VARRIC (Dragon Age II)

I admit, I mostly ignored this game, but the fanbase for this guy is so huge, that it would be a shame to skip him on our list. I like the fact he has a favourite named weapon and that it involves a girl and a promise, and that it is the one story that he can never tell. He has put the story to song, but will not sing it, instead humming the tune during battle. This character speaks to me, while the rest of DA2 does not.



ZOLTAN (The Witcher series)

Yeah, you do not get to have a party and take control over Zoltan's development, but he is a great character no matter what. And he was even greater character back in the day, some 20 years ago when I was reading the Witcher novels, when CD Projekt were humbly trying to localize Baldur's Gate into Polish. A true friend, that's what he is.



SAGANI (Pillars of Eternity)

And here we are, back to Pillars. She looks familiar to Sigrun, but she’s a boreal dwarf ranger with a fox following her everywhere. The remaking of a dwarven companion went quite well, but somewhere I get a feeling that she was made different by brute force just for the sake of being different. Still like her, tho. Even if only for the possibility to tell her that her quest is pointless (imo).





That’s our list! Now imagine you playing the aforementioned games as you never encounter these fine companions! (Disclaimer: you mileage may vary)


Do you feel the void?






This has been an update from the Dwarven Companion Recovery Front. Join the cause, because reasons.


Stay tuned for more updates.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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If we hit the 3.25mill stretch goal, you just might get the dwarf you been wishing for!


Update 14: Neketaka


Edit: Bah, Bill Gates' Son beat me too it!


Wow, thank you. Please, tell me that them at least will have some banter?

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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"Feargus confirmed to actually be Volourn? "


Trust me, if I was Feargus and the boss, this thread would not need to exist. instead we'd get tons of threads whining 'why is every npc in the game a dwarf' or 'what the hell is a dragon-dwarfling supposed to be?'...

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