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In game descriptions - mainly mechanics

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I would really like to see an improvement there.


While I like PoE a lot this was the worst part of it.


- How exactly does Finishing Blow work?

- What are the stacking rules?

- Why the heck do some modals suppress each other and some don't?

- How is attack speed calculated?

- What exactly is that Persecuting enchantment on my club?

- What is base damage and how does my overall damage gets calculated?

- how do interrupts work?

- what does a crit do

- how do Combusting Wounds work?

- how does wounding work?

- how do lashes work?


And so on and so forth.


Now I know all of that stuff, but you can't expect that everyone who wants to know these things either reads a quadrillion forum posts or does like hundreds of playthrougs (like I did) or decompiled your code (like several others here did - thanks to them) to find out what's going on.


You can even make it a stretch goal if you want - if it's too expensive to write all that stuff down.


And the combat log also needs a bit of improvement. For example you can't see certain things like Pain Link, Combusting Wounds and others.


Support is highly welcome. :)


Thanks for reading!


Edit: dem typos

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Completely agree on everything above.

PoE needs more transparent mechanics, more detailed and accurate tooltips plus richer combat log. Preferrably with a toggle option for periodic damage. This way it will be possible to both avoid log spam or check all the damage instances when needed.

Not to mention that doing all this will help in revealing some of bugs and idiosincrasies earlier and would lead to a more consistent code.


Also I would heavily advocate towards keeping current:

- Attack Resolution system

- Build diversity emerging (not only from class/talents but also) from attributes/weapons combination

- Intrinsic diminishing returns for attributes instead of Tyranny-like soft-gating at 20

- Attack/Recovery system (with minor tweaks, specifically: recovery_factor set to 1 instead of 1.2; and update to speed UI types)


If needed I could elaborate further on the 'why' part.

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