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Hey guys,


So I just started another playthrough and wanna check up on some stuff.


1. Does Gallant Focus stack with Blessing? I read somewhere that it does but I did a test by loading up a 2.03 save and GF got suppressed by Blessing. If that's the case any idea what can GF stack with? Wanna decide if it is worth taking on a Chanter.


2. Is Brute Force worth it? Previously I know that it is nice as Sickened and Weakened stacked. But now I read that the status no longer stacked (in terms of lowering of Fort), something like how terrified takes precedence over frightened. 


3. Does wielding a single handed weapon and a shield with bash benefit from Two Weapon Style Talent, also does this combination enables Full Attacks (eg. Knock Down and Heart of Fury)?


Thanks in advance.

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1. Nope. They don't stack. If you don't have a paladin with Zealous Focus, or do not intend / have time to always cast the Blessing, Gallant Focus is ok, especially earlier in the game. Although keep in mind that it has lower radius. Iirc it's 2.5m vs 4m when compared to Focus.


2. If you have Fortitude reducing debuffs, then yes. Also it is always nice against shades, as they have high deflection, but pitiful fort.


3.a. No. The game specifically checks if you dual-wield and do NOT wield a shield.

3.b. Yes. Bashing Shield does act like an offhand weapon for the full-attack abilities. Although there are only two bashing shields worth consideration: Badgradr's Barricade and Dragon's Maw Shield.

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Thanks for the input guys.


@MaxQuest: I guess I can treat GF as somewhat of a contingency. And good to know on Dual Wield talent. Not a dealbreaker for me I guess.


@Boeroer: Good to know that Inspiring Radiance didn't change.

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Fairly sure Obs confirmed that the dual-wielding talent's not working with bash is a bug. Shame it's not getting fixed.

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They said so in the Technical Discussion forum - but who knows if that was the "official" statement. If it would be considered dual wielding the recovery should be halved by default also. Then it won't be a disadvantage to have normal bash on a shield any more. You could then make it really worthwhile with Two Weapon Style. 

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Yeah I kinda remember seeing that issue in the Technical Support forums a while back. But didn't put to mind as I wasn't that interested in bash shields then. Now that bash shields have more variety and nice effects, I am planning to use them and hence my questions. Slightly annoying but I guess I can live with it.

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