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Poll: Dice roll preference


Rolling Preference  

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  1. 1. To roll dice, how would you prefer to perform the roll?

    • Swipe the dice
    • Tap a button
    • Tap the dice
    • Swipe or tap dice
    • Swipe dice or tap a button
    • Any of the above


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The Reroll button on the crab is one of my least favorite things. I would much prefer to lose that button and just swipe the dice again. I find that more intuitive and I always try to swipe the dice in frustration when I encounter him.


Even though I am a proponent of cards having both drag and button controls, I am a supporter of swipe only for dice rolling.

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I would rather have a dedicated ROLL button that I can press to roll the dice.


Swiping is OK with me also, but I think if the ROLL button existed, I would rarely swipe to roll the dice.


I think tapping the dice is going to be problematic.  I suspect I'd end up rolling accidentally by clicking in the wrong place (e.g. trying to play a blessing, and instead it rolls the dice)

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So swipe and button would work for you, Jeftidastl.

I would be hopeful an option to turn off the button should it be included would exist. I prefer a simpler, more intuitive interface for such a basic task as rolling dice. The UI is busy enough and cards need buttons for all their play options. Dice have one function: roll.

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