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Oversights in companion stats and auto-leveling



Looking at (1) and (2), it seems there are a number of issues with the automatic levelling of companions that have persisted since launch. I have gone into the game to quickly verify a number of these on a new save (so I've looked at Aloth, Edér, and Durance). The main issues are:

  • Edér has Confident Aim twice (which is impossible when levelled up normally), and they stack.
  • Kana has no level 1 phrases, which is impossible when levelled up normally.
  • Neither Zahua or the Devil of Caroc's attribute scores add up to 78, the standard number. Zahua's attribute scores are actually exactly the same as when the character was called Forton, and was only partially implemented.
  • Kana does not auto-level past level 10.
  • None of the base game companions level up past level 12. This is probably an oversight as the progression tables were not updated with the increased level cap.
  • The Devil of Caroc does not auto-level past level 12.
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I'm fairly confident the issue with Zahua's and DoC's attribute scores not adding up to 78 has already been reported and acknowledged by QA.

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