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Pictures of your Games Episode VII The Screenshot Awakens


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For pictures of your games. Last posts:




Classic IRC Gaming:




And to think you are playing the balanced/nerfed ambushes original.gif

Used to be Skaven in an ambush would down two of yours on turn one. Especially if you were ambushing them original.gif

Ugh, yeah, had my first "I ambush you" mission and the only real upside is that I get to at least position my team...starting within reach of enemies just always sucks.


I've been putting off the storyline missions forever, maybe I should at least try to get Act 1 done, seems the missions don't scale so that first missions *should* theoretically be a cakewalk by now... I hope... Maybe I'll just wait a little longer...your reports are kinda scary and all...


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I've been on vacation. Here's my bestie chatting up a weird chick near the bars:



Here's my car getting winter tires:



And here's me, happily torturing a fool:


Best vacation ever. Shame it's not entirely even, sometimes fun just grinds down to a halt and you feel like the world is just slowly stuttering around you.

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While creep-crawling through the wasteland, thought I'd come across some monster, drew my gun and turned to face it.  Was mushrooms on a rock.
Note to Self: Maybe that's just what the mushrooms wanted me to think...
Decided to take a break and walk rather than creep-crawl.  Found some train tracks.  Don't think the trains are running on-time anymore, boys.
Note to Self: I can't help but figure there's some sort of crazy mutated critter living up in that junk.
There were crazy mutated critters living in that junk.  It irradiated me with its bite, so I shot its head off.  Seemed fair.
Note to Self: Glad we were so riotously irresponsible with radiation as to make RadAway still plentiful 200 years later.
Headed back to Sanctuary because a storm that lightninged radiation was brewing.
Note to Self: Is "lightninged" a word?.
Gave a pep-talk to Preston as he was feeling a bit down.
Note to Self: People didn't become any less needy after 200 years of the wasteland, did they?
Having set up Sanctuary to be self-sufficient by doing all the crafting lazy-ass Sturges wouldn't do, I decided to skip out of town, free of immediate responsibility.
Note to Self: Probably looked goofy doing that.  Should avoid coming back to town for a few days.

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Love this wicked power armor. Only used it towards the end game.


MIT, I mean CIT is now a man made lake.



Fallout 4 spoiler



Mother and son reunion.





War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

Baldur's Gate modding
Baldur's Gate modder/community leader
Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition beta tester
Baldur's Gate 2 - Enhanced Edition beta tester

Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition beta tester

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Its weird seeing Fenway Park...I mean Diamond City.  I saw some Baseball games here back in the day.  Look at it!

Note to Self: Need to find cane to yell at people to get off my lawn.  Its official, I'm an old person now.



I was asked to find green paint at a local warehouse.  A woman claimed to need "help".  Could the trap have been anymore obvious?

Note to Self: Remember to yell "Take that Raider Scum" next time.



Ah, the Green Monster.

Note to Self: Don't be around when they run out of yellow and blue paint to scavenge...



Picked up a casual outfit for wandering around town in.

Note to Self: Wish I could have found a better hat.  Are there no bonnets in this godforsaken wasteland?




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I almost sold some important items, so I went and named my weapons.
Note to Self: I couldn't be so lucky as to find a Wacky Races Holotape in the apocalypse, could I?

For the Record:
Ant-Hill Mob: Submachine Gun

Dastardly & Muttley: Sniper Rifle

Penelope Pitstop: Shotgun

Peter Perfect: 10mm Pistol (does normal and radiation damage)

Prof. Pat Pending: Laser Rifle

Rufus Ruffcut: Machette

Heard tales of some people harassing a farm.  Agreed to look into it.  Their operation center looks pretty creepy - some group calling themselves "Super Mutants".

Note to Self: X-Men fans, maybe?  There's a lot of Hubris comics in the wasteland, so why not Marvel?

Look at the size of that thing!  I can't even get a good view of it and...its enormous!

Note to Self: That didn't sound as dirty when I thought it in my head at the time.  Now its like I should go "Wink, wink, nudge, nudge - say no more!"

I soldiered on - as I wanted to help those poor farmers.  But I was so scared I trained my scope on a clump of limbs thinking I was seeing some new unholy monstrosity.

Note to Self: Hope the farmers pony up for some new underwear.

Oh **** crap **** **** hell diediediediedie

Note to Self: ****ing die already **** ****er!



I'll get you and your little dog too!

Note to Self: Wait does saying that make me the bad guy?

One last Super-Mutant to take down and the farm is safe!

Note to Self: There's danger alright...danger of me shooting him in the head until he's dead!

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Replaying Rome 2 again with the Divide et Imperi mod .. and I'm amazed how Creative Assembly apparently really loves cloud cover on the campaign map! Guess I need to find a mod to remove that too. (luckily there was and it works perfectly)







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Fortune favors the bald.

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Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!


Hmm, the enemy is trying to sneak through that building. And there is loot in there too. Let's see if I can circle around and ambush them as they try to ambush me.



Oh, two enemies! Let's try that door over there that seems to be ajar.



Now to tiptoe to the staircase and take out the one upstairs before the other one notices me.


Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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That would be a major disadvantage. I mean even outside of combat, how much dirt would you get in that thing? How much would you dehydrate from having an eye that big? How does he have room for a heart and lungs under that thing? Come on Chaos, you're supposed to be the fighty gods, think it through!

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