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GameBanshee instead of the official wiki?

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today I discovered that GameBanshee also has a nice database for PoE:



As far as I can tell (after a quick look) - they have all the lastest items/talents/abilities/chars/quests etc. covered. Everything has detailed descriptions.


I find this way better than the official wiki when I try to plan a new build before I really play it.

Navigation is a bit clunky but the content is great.


What do you think?  


Edit: Oops - some items are missing. E.g. Badgradr's Barricade.

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I guess it is just kinda difficult for an external site to keep track of all the major and minor changes in PoE. Getting a site up is one thing, getting it constantly updated with changes on a game that doesn't have a fixed patching schedule (at least that I know of) is another.

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In theory that's the advantage of Wikis: you have lots of users who each make minor corrections which help keep it up to date. The problem with the PoE wiki is it hasn't reached that critical mass of users necessary to keep it up to date, and as a result it's less useful to players so they're less likely to put the time and effort into improving it.

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I contribute to video game wikis, but I'm just not knowledgeable to really work on PoE's. Still I have made a couple of additions/corrections.



Yeah, it's a shame. I might spend some time adding stuff to the Wiki, assuming I don't need special privileges to do so.



No, you don't need special permissions. That's the whole point of wiki! And once you create an account, it's good on all "wikia" sites, so you can use that account for the sites of any game you play.

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