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[Audio issue] - Character voices cut off





During combat when player characters play a sound from its voice-set files - like battle cry, spell incantations, status notifications or any other voice effort and then take any other action, take or deal damage,  the previous sound playback is cut off instantly and is being replaced by next sound.

For example:

- When player character "A" cast a spell and play incantation sound and then player character "B" take damage in same time, then the incantation sound from character "A" is cut off instantly.

- When player character is poisoned and play notification sound "I am poisoned ... babble " the poison deal damage at the same time which in turn cause character to play damage received effort sound file and cut of previous sound.

In slow mode the sound plays for a little bit longer before it is cut off.

- When player character cast a few spells in a row - only first one can be heard.

Game version 2.03 + DLC 1 - Galaxy GOG auto installer.

I'm not sure but if I recall correctly this bug was introduced in patch 1.03 - the one with new voice sets added and audio loop fix.

There was similar bug in Neverwinter Nights 2 which has never been fixed.

Pleas fix this bug.


Thank you very much.

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Hello Kyliesuperstar,


Welcome to the forums and thank you for joining! I don't believe I have come across this bug during my testing, Please verify/repair your game files and see if the issue continues.


In the  GOG Galaxy menus, click on Pillars > More > Manage > Verify/Repair.


Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for warm welcome.


How to reproduce:

- create new game
- make mage, take Minolettas Missiles spell
- choose Male - Smooth voiceset - other voicesets are bugged
- enter the game and disable tutorial tips
- after Calisca join your party stand next to her as close as possible and hit her with weapon or Minolettas Missiles. May need several tries to fire up the initial battle cry sound file - stop, let her heal up and attack again.

- you may try to attack her from distance in half speed mode or from short range in double speed to see / hear the exact moment - as soon as Calisca takes damage and begin to play her cry sound the player character incantation or initial battle shout is cut off.

There is another bug with audio volume for spell incantations. Some voicesets are too quiet, barely noticeable. (i.e Male - Sinister, Stoic, Noble, Mystic )
- go to appearance change voice set

- cast any spell, (in my case Chilling Fog)

- choose next voice set

- cast any spell

- repeat

Additional small bugs:

"Disable Tutorial Messages" text string is blank in Polish language
"Accept" and "Cancel" buttons randomly not visible in "overwrite save file" pop up window @ 1366x768


Fresh game install v. 2.03, verify/repair applied just to be sure, latest audio drivers.

Windows 7 64bit
Radeon HD 6870 @1920x1080

Realtek HD Audio
Soundlbaster Audigy

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Hmm, since you have 2 soundcards try them one-by-one by disabling one of them and trying the game, then repeating the process but with the other soundcard disabled. May need to reboot PC to properly disable a soundcard. This will help determine if it's specific to one of the soundcards.

Windows 10 x64 | Intel i7 920 @ 2.66GHZ | Gigabyte Geforce 760 4GB OC1 Windforce x3 | Integrated Audio | 8GB DDR3 RAM | ASUS P6T | Corsair AX760 PSU

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I have this problem too. Character voices during combat get cut off if multiple characters utter something. I can for example start casting a spell (and the character casting audio plays) and choose a different character to for example attack (and get his audio) and the audio of the spellcaster gets cut off. Or sound can get cut off even by the same character. Like Eder can charge in and he normally can say: "You're not getting past me" (or something) but if before he finish he does a grunt when he swing his sword the first line gets cut off so you will only hear "you're not g.." or something similar.


Sound drivers are up to date.


I've tried: reinstalling/verify files, reinstall audio drivers, use different voice sets


Dxdiag file is included



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I've had a similar issue with Zahua's personal quest today, but it was limited to Zahua—only the second half of his every voiced line during the quest would be spoken. No other character ever exhibited a similar issue, nor did Zahua in any other context. Weird.

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I've had issues, though I haven't really made an extensive attempt at the game so I dunno if it still happens or not: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/82834-start-of-verbal-dialog-is-sometimes-missing/

Edited by Nicholas Steel

Windows 10 x64 | Intel i7 920 @ 2.66GHZ | Gigabyte Geforce 760 4GB OC1 Windforce x3 | Integrated Audio | 8GB DDR3 RAM | ASUS P6T | Corsair AX760 PSU

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