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[2.02] [Major Bug] 2 Naked Saganis + Missing All Gears



Left Sagani at inn. Upon return Sagani is standing in the inn like an NPC except naked. I can still add Sagani back to party but she loses all gears.


Hugely problematic since I had Storm Caller equipped on her. And now it's gone. Pls fix ASAP.


save file

output log


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I am having a similar issue with her.  Her attributes are super wonky they keep changing for some reason without moving/removing gear.  Also every time she leaves and then enters the party she gets the graceful retreat talent.  I will bump my thread as they seem related.

Have gun will travel.

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Hello LaSpeakeasi,


I took a look at your save and I've added a bug into our system. Can you please upload an output log as well? In the mean time, do you have an older save you can use? You will lose out on some hours of progression, but at least you'll be able to continue playing. If it happens again, then its definitely something thats reproduceable. 


Thank you for your support. 


Edit: Nevermind on the output log. I got it from your OP.

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Hello again LaSpeakeasi,


Do you happen to have a save file before you dismissed Sagani you can upload?



Yes. This is about 30min prior to the Sagani bug happened in Celestial Sapling.


I went back to Northweald and did Sagani's companion quest. Then went back to inn. That's when I discovered the naked Sagani there.


I have since progressed from this save without doing anything differently from the first time and thankfully wasn't able to reproduce the bug. So it seems to occur at random:



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I've encountered something similar. Not with Sagani.


I had opened the Save dialog, not to save the current game, but only to delete up to 20 old saves very quickly. Afterwards, when I reloaded the most recent Elmshore save game, one companion was naked and one was gone. Only that single save game was affected. I could simply load the next older one without finding any such corruption.


This has never happened before with 2.0.2.x from Steam. It may be related to deleting save games so quickly.

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