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  1. I missed that I guess. Hope it is actually fixed myself. reloading and checking money every load is annoying
  2. I have been dealing with this bug for an extensive amount of time and lost around 150k before I started watching my inventory every time I reloaded a game. I did start my chars in game version 2.0 but I am at version 3.1 now I have read others have dealt with this bug before as well. Basically what it does is it pays out something like 20 days of crew charges all at once or something to that effect. I did not see it as a fix in 4.0 so I wanted to make sure it was known. And if I repay myself with the money I lost through console I get blocked from achievements so I did not do that.
  3. I want to take the powers of the gear and transfer it to another piece of gear. Seems to me like this would be extensive but I have not looked at how enchants work and if they can be attached to other items or if it is even possible to add more than 2 special powers.
  4. I managed to add these urls to host and the news banner starts minimized and then disappears completely. Does not seem to break anything. I would rather have it start not there at all but this works. Anyone know where the main opening screen gets loaded from... (potentially hard coded in exe though)?
  5. I am curious how extensive it would be to create a system wherein I can cannibal my weapons and armors and place that on another piece of gear?
  6. I like this change a lot. Is the actual guile increase inside 1 file or is it in multiple locations?
  7. So basically they hack my system through a backdoor and still gather telemetry and serve me ads? I love the games but man that is shady mc shaderton without a method to disable... Potentially using a host file block could work. I will try this. Thanks for those URLs... If you find out any more info please post it here. To me it is one thing if they offer the option to turn on this telemetry and serve ads but to not allow a disable and to serve ads that have 0 relevance because the item is already purchased is sloppy and imo unethical
  8. I tried gutting the xml and just leaving the container labels and it forced it to start minimized. However after about 4 game starts it got repopulated with data. I have POE2 blocked in firewall so I assume something internal is sending the info to populate the xml file. I am trying to make it so the ad which basically keeps informing me about all the things I have already bought or downloaded is minimized. thanks
  9. There is a chest down below in this shop. When attempting to pick the lock it does succeed at the lock pick but it remains locked. My lockpick is at a level that it requires 0 lockpicks but I tested it with someone with lower mechanics and even when using lockpicks the chest says picked but it stays locked.
  10. I already leveled this to max on my Cipher but severed binding and put it on my fighter. I went back to oathbinder altar again for final stage for fighter but it does not successfully upgrade when resting at altar. Is it only able to be maxxed on 1 character or is this a bug?
  11. It was too large for here so I sent it ahead to the email address.
  12. This bug has persisted through my game and now I am wondering if there is a way to run a console command to wipe them clean? I believe it began when fighting a Fampyr in Splintered Reef which dominated me. After that Officer's Quarters stuck and Irwenas Mature experience. The blinded and dominated were from that fight with Fampyrs in splintered reef. Basically I have had these 4 buffs not ever leave my character tab. Obviously I am not dominated or blinded and I am not sure really if I am gaining the 2 might and +1 skills from Irwena... Anyway to fix this?
  13. swift hunter garb has a slash/corrode 6 defense. yet when I wear it I have 0 corrode and I do not gain the slash when I put on superb leather armor which has a crush/freeze 6 defense I have slash corrode crush and freeze defense I have noticed this with other armors as well. it appears as far as character sheet is concerned ( I have not tested the math of literal defense in combat) when I equip a new armor I get the previous armor and the new armor defenses. also as you can see I have 11 burn defense and I only have dragon pendant on which says 1 burn defense I also have 2 corro
  14. No problem... it appears from trying it a few times that after death it could be spells Maerwald is trying to cast on the mirrors. I will post more if I find any...
  15. This is the first time in the game that there is pretty much 0 knowledge about what the 4 different options do... The 4 options I am referring to is whether to return Soul to Wheel, Consume it, Return to Crucible or Empower Matua. Does someone have a link to lore or some info that explains wth these options are even for? Or perhaps just what each one does. I guess consuming it gives upgrade material and empowering Matua helps some kind of ending... what do wheel and crucible options do?
  16. I snuck up onto the platform with Maerwald and backstabbed and wrecked him quick upon death I got missing string error....
  17. That is what I figured so all I could do is reduce hearing circle or detection globally with this. Really just want to get the circle to reduce based on stealth. The circle itself seems to be the same size if I am 2 stealth or 22 stealth like I am now.
  18. thank you I will look into this. I suppose this would only alter the global for detection and hearing? I see how it points to csharp... {"$type":"Game.GameData.StealthSettingsComponent, Assembly-CSharp","HearingSuspicionRate":40,"VisionSuspicionRate":80,"HearingMovementRatio":0.75,"StealthDecayRate":15,"StealthDecayDelay":0.75,"MaxSuspicionStealthAccelerationMultiplier":4,"MaxSuspicionStealthDecelerationMultiplier":0.05,"MinDistanceMultiplier":2,"MaxDistanceMultiplier":0.5}]}
  19. I want to change stealth so the radius of sound is reduced based on stealth and my movement increases also with stealth skill. Is this a simple alteration/add or do I have to change numerous variables? thanks
  20. Yes there is. Initially when one character went into sneak mode the entire party did even if they were not selected. They removed that and made it so one character could sneak while the rest wait. Now you have to either select them singly or grab the group you want in stealth and toggle it on/off.
  21. The athletics and survival thing seems very interesting. Those 4 skills are fairly useless as time goes on and I am glad they are going to be integrated in the game other than scripted interactions. Vanican change has been talked about an enormous amount in general. Different folks on either side of the fence for removing per encounters or changing them. I like the additional spell though even if its not in grimoire.
  22. Hmmm... this is an idea I had not thought of. thanks. This is a rare game I find myself having to overthink things just to make sure I can play through it in a challenging manner.
  23. I did the same thing and went to WM at level 7. I ended up trying to figure a good path to be semi challenged. I went back and forth between Act2 and WM and finished up WM before Act3. Truthfully there is no way to be challenged by mid game in PoE at all excluding the Dragons (thank goodness for that) Definitely after fighting the Speedy Reptiles and the constructs the rest of Vanilla game seemed so easy. I suppose it is difficult for them since they add the content into the middle of the game rather than just tack in on at the end which can work but they have to really overthink the de
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