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  1. I think I'll go with this approach since I like to play evil and bleak walker order fits that. I'm thinking about 2 hearth orlans to increase hit to crit rate to each other. The Minor Threat ability also applies to ranger's pet?
  2. Hi guys, I'm going to start a new game on POTD with a trio party. I've decided that I want 2 meele pallys (1 of them is my main character) on the team and I'd love to maximize their synergy. How can I achieve this? I have some ideas : one pally with Zealous Endurance and the other one with Zealous Focus to complement each other. Maybe one of them should use the Outworn Buckler to increase all defenses Can you help me with attributes and orders? my third man will be a ranger with a wolf since the pet can benefit from the pallys' auras.
  3. I think they are more suited now for DPS and less for CC at least in the beginning.
  4. Ranger (w/ stormcaller) and cipher (w/ cloudpiercer) makes things very interesting. Jolting touch can be devastating with 6 DR bypass
  5. Ranger's version is by far a better option for me because the stunned effect. And I doubt the effectiveness of AI on choosing the foe to activate the soul shock. The shock damage talent does help
  6. If you feel like cc must be the 1st thing to be done in a fight, then you're right.
  7. gauntlets of swift action works despite the missing description. You can find the gloves in Galawain's Maw.
  8. Everyone is saying one can enter the white march at level 6/7 without scaling. How am I suppose to clear ACT III afterwards without having an easy cake journey?
  9. Hi, I went to White March when I was level 7, spent some time there just to recruit Zahua and Caroc, then I got back to the main story. Currently I am finishing Act II at level 10. After some experience in the White March I found the main arc easier than before. Now I can't decide what to do: If I complete the main game, white march will be too easy. If I complete the white march, the rest of the main game will be too damn easy So my options here are, boring vs boring!
  10. one simple question: Does Burning Lash from a weapon stacks with Aefyllath Myth Fyr ( the extra lash from chanter) ? Does it mean that an attack has +50% burning damage?
  11. Or maybe the PoE Wiki is outdated http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Oidhreacht
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