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  1. I think the game should cost negative money for its “polish”. Players are basically paying to be bug testers because devs obviously didn’t bother to complete the game before rushing it out. We should get paid for doing their jobs for them.
  2. I linked my Steam OS (main) to my iOS account. I was under the impression that my old iOS will be deleted. But it is not. And because of the 24 character limit several characters on my main save was deleted. Furthermore, all my main save characters have been renamed with the "1" behind their names. It's unsightly. But since renaming is so severely bugged I dare not go back and change them, after my last brush with the delete/duplicate bug. How can I restore that? I want my old save to be completely erased.
  3. Write to customer support and ask them. They've got a new patch coming out soon. Hopefully it fixes it?
  4. I think with Kyra, I already have a full deck of Blessing of Sunranrae. So the bonus of immediately redrawing another Sunranrae isn't immediately obvious; similarly with Seoni, I rely very much on her Fire power than actual spells. I just seem to have very good luck farming for blessings.
  5. What's the difference? I have Dawnflower Lv.2 and I honestly couldn't tell a significant difference. I wonder if it's worth it for future characters?
  6. Question: I have Obsidian Edition on Steam. But I want my iOS to be the main save. If I link my accounts will the Obsidian Edition bonus content show up on my iOS account? Will I lose any of my purchases on Steam if I merge it into my iOS save?
  7. I think the concern is not about damage that happens before you do anything. It's because you roll damage for each character, then it becomes the first character's turn to act. If you don't pay attention, you may think you're just rolling damage again, and not play the appropriate boons to improve the die roll Which make failing a roll your fault and your fault alone... but in any case, doesn't that game roll for damage by itselt? You get to roll for checks to see if you take damage, but as far as I remember, damage, level increase and like is automatically rolled. I think in 2017 and especially on mobile, one would expect AI to take care of everything. If you got to AD6 and have 6 characters, it's very common to have to roll 6 times repeatedly, due to the way levels are designed. You will literally lose count even if you try to keep track. With 6 characters and the inability to skip dice roll animation it can easily be ~5min before the battle actually begins. Hard to require players to pay attention for that long, especially on a mobile game.
  8. Any idea how long the response/turn-around time for email support is? It's been a few days since I sent in my request and log file. I've not received even an acknowledgement. Meanwhile my bugged character is still being duplicated every time I log in as we speak...
  9. ...If they can't fix the nickname system. It's been bugged for 3 months. No one seems to be working on it. Meanwhile players continue to have problems and continue to email them. Has anyone ever gotten response and/or help from them? I sure didn't. There are people on Steam who said they asked for help months ago but never even gotten an acknowledgement. And now every time I log in my roster is clustered with characters I've deleted and/or lost due to the bug. I can't do anything but delete them over and over and over again. It's maddening. Just remove the nicknaming function and be done with it. PS. Is there a way to completely wipe my save on Steam without losing all the bonus that came with the Obsidian edition? My save is so bugged I don't want it any more.
  10. Location: Clock Tower Character: Ezra System: Steam (Mac) Spells: Flare Burst, Frost Ray Fought Henchman in clock tower. Wanted to play environmental spell before starting battle. Clicked "X" to back out. Spell disappeared from Ezran's Hand. Played attacked spell normally, and spell banishment animation was played. Finished scenario to confirm environmental spell was indeed banished without prompting.
  11. As stated in the original post, it's a new game with new characters. Therefore it will naturally be normal difficulty, as you won't be able to play on higher difficulty this way. And yes, only AD2-5 offers LOOT card as scenario reward in all of AD2. Imagine playing 3 adventures to that point specifically to farm LOOT cards then discovering the rewards are bugged. And let's not pretend providing Obsidian with clear information helped them fixed anything. I've played almost every game they released since Neverwinter Nights 2. Nothing ever gets fixed. The support forums are purely for venting and decoration.
  12. How do you find the log on a Mac OS version? I've experienced both the duplicated bug and the deletion bug on the same character. It's the only character I've ever nicknamed so AFAIK the occurrence rate is 100%
  13. How the F do they leave a known, game-breaking bug from June unresolved in September? Lost party member due to the same bug. This is ridiculous. Don't release a game if it's not finished. 10+ years with this company, every Obsodian game is the same old story. Do they test any of their products?
  14. Loot cards as in LOOT cards. By definition they are always scenario rewards. I already provided every information you asked for in the original post.
  15. On iOS. Completely new Goblin party (wiz, cleric, rogue, fighter, bard, Druid). None of the characters completed the adventure. Simplr did not get the loot cards after completing adventure. Does *anything* work right with this game?
  16. Why is there no indicator as to where the battle actually starts? When I face those pesky monster "does damage to every character in location" before I even get to act monsters (e.g. Blue dragon), I just close my eyes and roll for damage. When you have to roll this 6-7 times you forget when the battle actually starts. So you just roll the dice w/o playing any cards. This has happened so many times and it is infuriating, not to mention often causes me to lose the entire scenario. The game is so ridiculously unfair and poorly thought out it's not even funny.
  17. The amount of 90%+ rolls that fail is waaay beyond any reasonable doubt that the percentage indicator isn't functioning properly. Anything below 75% is almost sure to fail.
  18. Funny you should say that. Because these posts are the only posts that are even being made around here other than the endless bug complaints. The forum is pretty much a ghost town otherwise. Don't pretend you have anything better to waste your time on.
  19. How are we supposed to beat them then? Iron golems often stonewall my entire party. Just cannot beat them whatsoever. The rules are ridiculously hard and unfair. This game sucks.
  20. I keep failing 95%+ checks and it's infuriating. 90% is more like 50%. The predictions are not accurate at all.
  21. We understand what "banish" is, we just think it's BS. I don't have to follow tabletop rules if I don't like it. If I paid for my card set, and spent hours grinding to find a rare card, I'm not "putting it back in the gamebox" just cuz the rules said so. If you take a survey at tabletop players, you'll find that most people indeed do not follow all the rules if it doesn't make sense to them.
  22. Just remove "banish" altogether. It's a stupid idea. You spend hours collecting those cards, why would you want to destroy it? The developer are just begging for people to give up on the game because they feel frustrated.
  23. Is there a particular issue you are having with banishing cards? Nothing has changed in the game in that regard. If you were playing earlier, it should still all behave the same way. The only real difference now is that when you banish cards after a scenario, you have the option to hold onto a few in the Stash or "sell them back" to the card pool for a handful of gold. No cards are lost permanently, but you do score some extra gold that you wouldn't have seen prior to the recent update. Banishing cards should never be an feature in a game that is entirely focused on collecting cards. I got the Greed Sword loot card. And was forced to banish it after failing a 98% check. And now it's gone forever. You don't get a loot card unless you start a new campaign and finish it almost all the way til the end. As far as I'm concerned I've lost it forever. And my hard work went down the drain. If you buy a physical card that comes in a set. You have it and it's yours. Nothing prevents you from having a banished card in your deck. Call it cheating, but I can do whatever I want with cards I've paid for. You force players to lose a card they've paid for with either real money or hours of hard work, with no real promise of ever getting it back save more hours of grinding. How's that fair or fun?
  24. I never played the tabletop version. It is advertised as a collectible card game so I'll play it as a collectible card game. The same way if someone bought the physical cards, there's no real way of stopping them from giving themselves amazed party with the best cards.
  25. If you have more than 6 characters, or multiple versions of the same characters, transferring cards between parties is such a pain. Can we just get a centralised inventory page that allow you to freely transfer cards between all 24 characters?
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